Welcome to the one and only, #alt-MMPR FunPage!
I am holding a contest for a new logo for the funpage.

1.You have to be a regular to #alt-mmpr.
2.The logo must have the channel name in it.
3.It must be fuff friendly.
4.It must have aTransparent background.
5.It must be a gif image.
6.It must be of a reasonable size.
7.Talk to me in channel to submit your logo
8.Please do not submit via email.
9.Make it fun :-).
10.Deadline is june 12th 2002.
11.Employees of Green-ranger.com are not eligable.
12.Limit of 2 submits per person.
13.Winner will be dictated by a channel poll.
14.Please put your irc nick in the file name.

"(White_Tiger) Well now, I'm going to catch you plebes later
and go to that more just channel alt-mmpr "

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