zj -- James F.
Personality:(Most people think) I am Smart, Funny, Nice, and have a good sense of humor
Lives in: McAdoo, PA (exit 39 I-81)
Birthdate: July 29, 1981
Email Addy: zj@geocities.com
WWW Page: Zj's Homepage
Wav File: Hear Zj's Voice!
Color: Purple
Movies: MMPR:TM, T:APRM, Speed, Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, the orignal batman movie from the 60s or whenever, uhhh Home Alone, Home alone 2. ok thats enough movies
Songs: Where's the love (Hanson) Men In Black (Will Smith)
Food: Pizza, nachos, chips, stuff like that.
TV Shows: uhhh cartoons and Power Rangers
TV Movies: anything with AJJ or that girl who played Clarissa
Shirt Color: White
IRC Channels: #alt-mmpr, #zzz, and #zeo
Actress: uhh AJJ, the girl that plays Buffy, the Girl that plays Willow on buffy, and that girl that played Clarissa
Actors: Jason Frank, Patrick Stwart, That guy who plays riker on star trek tng, uhhh those borg guys from startrek, uhh that captican from voyager, uhh thats all for now.
PR Songs: Combat, 5-4-1, White Ranger Tiger Power, Go Green Ranger Go, Go Power Rangers Turbo Go, Shift into Turbo, Go Go Power Rangers
Pr Characters: Tommy, and uhh kimberly and uhh tanya
PR Quote: "Can someone come back to earth and pick me up cuz I am like totaly confused here" - Kimberly day of the dumpster
PR Eps: all of them!!!!
PR Fantasy: Meet the Power Rangers