White_Tiger -- Amit Bhaumik
Personality: "He fancies himself the classic warrior-poet. If that means he's graceful, strong, intelligent, and cool, well he might just be right."
Occupation: Undergraduate student at USC. Martial arts instructor.
Lives in: Los Angeles
Birthdate: December 13, 1977
Blood Type: AB
Email Addy: abhaumik@scf.usc.edu
WWW Pages: Power Rangers Online Archives! and The Vicious Circle
Wav File: Prepare to drool ladies, now you can hear the White Tiger's voice! [Warning--Contains possibly offensive language]
Special Talents: Speaks Japanese, Mandarin, English and Ebonics
Opinions: See the Opinions on him!
TV shows: Power Rangers
Music: Scott Page-Pagter, NWA, Nobuo Uematsu.
Movie: Blade Runner
Color: Black
Food: Sushi
PR Character: Elgar
PR Episode: Flashes of Darkonda
PR Quote: "Archerina my darling! I can feel my magnificent size wearing off!" -Viagratron, I mean Prince Gasket, PRZ.
PR Fantasy: To do Archerina. "'I ain't got no (motherforsaking) friends.' That's why I f'd your wife you (metal) motherf*****!" -Hit Em Up by Tupac.
Other PR: Has met all 5 of the lovely and talented Pink Rangers.
Dreams: To become the greatest anko (bean jam) chef in all of Chinatown. To become the 200th member of No Limit. To train in the cradle of the martial arts; the Himalayas.