Where To Find Her

URL: The Goddess Speaks
AIM: evilthena


I started watching MMPR during the second season, which coincided with my senior year of high school. I was suffering from senioritis and didn't want to turn off the TV after Animaniacs and because that meant I'd have no excuse to avoid my homework. So I sat through a few episodes, watching absentmindedly until I saw "White Light" and fell head over heels for Jason Frank.

I felt pretty much alone until I discovered Terri Ann's MMPR FAQ with an introduction where she hints at her fantasies involving certain rangers. It was the coolest thing to realize that there was someone else out there like me. Through her I got onto the now-defunct MMPR mailing list where I first met Rap and got suckered into reading one of her fanfics. Then in January 1996 Rufio sent out an e-mail to the list about the newly-founded #alt-mmpr so I decided to give this IRC thing a shot. The rest is channel history . . . .

My Life Off-line

I graduated in December 2000 from the University of Illinois of Chicago with a degree in political science, but after spending 6 years in college, I don't know what to do outside of academics. At the moment I'm working in retail and debating whether to get a graduate degree in law, education, journalism, or get my bachelor's degree in computer science. I've used my time off to do a lot of traveling, hitting places like Greece, Turkey, Russia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, China and India.

I'm also single and looking. Interested? E-mail me at and we'll talk.

Non-PR Hobbies

I've always been a voracious reader (except for my first two years of college when I got burned out). Currently I'm working my way through the Anita Blake series and all of J.D. Robb's novels.

Back in 1996 an online friend asked me when I was going to do my first website. Initially I told her that all that technical stuff was over my head but she persuaded me to give it a shot. Today I like to play around with web design and my most recent hobby is digital photography and creating graphics.

When I watch TV, it's usually Buffy, Angel, or Charmed. I'm pretty much a TV addict, though, so it's almost always on in the background. Lately I've been watching more TV than chatting.