TabbyCat/TC -- Tabatha Bradley
Personality: I'm a high school junior who seems to fit in with underclassmen better than upperclassmen. Either that or I'm the girl hanging out with the King of Acting (Kevin), the King of Stupidity(Brett), and the King of Uniqueness(Drew, who wore a skirt on the last day of school)
Lives in: Knox, Indiana
Birthdate: April 6, 1984
Email Addy:
Webpage: Amazon Kitty's Realm of Confusion
Food: Anything except mushrooms and anchovies and fish (Mostly PepperoniPizza)
Song: To the Moon and Back
Bands: N Sync, S Club 7, A Teens, Savage Garden, and the Spice Girls
Colors: Pink and Red (for one reason and one reason alone)
TV Shows: Power Rangers in Space, Sailor Moon, Highlander, MegaRanger (even though I don't know Japanese), and Reboot
Movies: Kickboxing Academy, Lion King, Simba's Pride, and Pokemon: The FirstMovie
IRC Friends: I'm closest to Jewel, Nancy, Ryan, Rob, Katie, Jacky, Chel, Jase, Krissy, Lanna, and PG. But I like everyone else too.
Non-IRC Friends: Kevin, Brett, and Drew
PR Quote: "What do you know about Space?" - Andros, From Out of Nowhere
PR Character: Andros!!!!!! And Zhane
PR Episodes: From Out of Nowhere/Flashes of Darkonda/Countdown to Destruction
PR Fantasy: To marry Andros, but I don't think that's possible.
PR Other: Rob says I'm turning into Katie, but I don't drool.
Other: If you ever run into me, I'm the quiet one chanting"Dragon","Bear", or "Andros"