@@@ Static-Pulse @@@
Personality: I wish I could say I was the ultimate nerd, but I'm not even that. I am the self-proclaimed biggest Tracy Lynn Cruz fan on the planet!
Lives in: Alabama, USA
Birthdate: July 12th, 1979
Email Addy: khovak@hotmail.com or darkbeast@darkbeast.com
Webpages: DarkBeast.com, jarod.simplenet.com, Padme's Palace, spider-gwen.8m.com/
Food: Pizza and Classic Coca-Cola
Bands: No Doubt and Spice Girls
Songs: "Crazy^" - Britney Spears, "Ooh Ah Just a Little Bit More" - Gina G., "Saved by Sciece" - forgot who, from Robotech
Color: Green
TV Show: Beast Wars, The Pretender, PRiS, (upcoming) Beast Masters, Red Dwarf, Batman: Beyond
Movie: The Matrix
Anime: Robotech, Macross Plus, Ghost in the Shell, The Dirty Pair
Anime Character: Yuri, TDP
Comic Strip: UserFriendly, http://www.userfriendly.org
Comic Book Character: used to be Roxy, currently Sydney Savage
Computer: Roxy
Operating System: Linux
PR Quote: "Why to we need another vehicle?" TJ, When Push Comes To Shove, PRiS
PR Character: Ashley! Ashley! Ashley! Ashley! Ashley! Ashley! Ashley! Ashley!
PR Episode: Invasion of the Body Switcher
PR Zord: StratoForce
PR Ranger: (2nd favorite) Rocky DeSantos
PR Fantasy: Invasion on the-- oh, um... I can't say. It's a family fun site. It does involve several elements from IotBS, though. :)