-- // Cory Haffke \\ -- // Sodders \\ -- // Operator\\ -- // #Alt-MMPR Bio\\ --
-- // Personal\\ --
[Name:] Cory Haffke
[Hometown:]  Omaha, Nebraska
[Birthdate:] May 25th, 1985
[Livejournal:] Yes
[Homepage:] None
-- // Favorites\\ --
[Food:] Pizza, Chili
[TV Show(s):] The Simpsons, Power Rangers, Dragon Ball Z, Gaoranger, Hurricanger (its funny)
[Movie(s)] Austin Powers Series, Battle Royale (Japanese movie)
[Video Game(s)] Harvest Moon, Final Fantasy 7, Sim City 4, Yu-Gi-Oh GBA
[Music] Deadsy, System of a Down, Video Game soundtracks
-- // HATES\\ --
[IRC:] Any newbies and/or people who constantly think White_Tiger is a G_O_D and they <3 them.
[Email:] Spam. Duh.
[Video Games:] Dragon Ball Z GBA (Poor Poor game)
[Nebraska:]Driving and....well drivers too.
[Wild Force] Ode To Nature.
-- // Quotes \\ --
[Jindrax] Hi. Get lost. Good Job.
[Jindrax] DOn't leave the cave without it!