ShadowRanger/MrShadow/Tim Willan
Personality: Missing in Action
Lives in: Weston, UK
Birthdate: February 19, 1976
Email Addies:  and
Webpage: The Transdimensional Gateway
Works at: What is this word, work?
Education: A levels in Business, Economics and Politics. RSA in Computing
Color: green
TV Shows: Power Rangers especially season 1-3 and wild force, Digimon season 1 and 2, Transformers, Dragonball Z
Movies: Star Wars, Shrek
PR Quote:
PR Characters: Tommy, Mike, Karone, Kat, Ryan, Eric and Merrick
PR Episodes: Green with Evil, the one where the Rangers fight the bad guys
PR Fantasy:
PR Other: Kat, Kimberly and a jar of whipped cream. Nuff said