Gengar/Eevee2930/Vaporeon (and various other pokémon nicks.) -- Niki Hollingsworth
Personality: The mother hen type, sensitive, tries to be friends with everyone, loves to RPG Is a Max Steel Fanatic.
Lives in: Alabama
Birthdate: July 28th, 1970
Email Addy:
Food: Good grief, it would be easier to tell you what I DON'T like! O_O
Songs:ooooh wow. Way WAAAAAAY to many to list. I'm currently stuck on Plus One's songs "I Don't Care" Camoflauge (I probably murdered that spelling) and "Start to Fly"
Bands: Plus One, ZOEGirl, others
Colors: RED!!!!!! :) also black blue and purple
TV Shows:Max Steel, Emeril Live...shoot I'm a Food TV junkie. ;)
Movie: Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring is the current fave, also love the Star Wars saga and the Indiana Jones movies
PR Characters: Jason, Rocky, Mike, Leo, Adam
PR Episode: "Countdown to Destruction" both parts
PR Quote: "Evil is as evil does."
PR Fantasy: the above named fav characters all in one room with me....uh, I'd better not go on. ;)
PR Other: I having been taking TaeKwonDo for 3 years now and am a decided first degree black belt. I enjoy it immensely, especially now that my school is under new ownership. (Mr. Endert is a BLAST! :) I also love doing crafty things like knitting and crocheting. As stated before I LOVE Pokémon. My first fan fic I was ever able to finish was a very SAD Pokémon fic. :)
Other: I love doing crafty things like knitting and crocheting. I also love to write. *See my friend Ellen's and my Poetry Page I also love to read fan fiction. and other schtuff. :)