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@@@ MegaSilver @@@
Personality:I am quiet when I need to be, but I'll talk to anyone about anything almost anytime I'm not.
Lives in:Ft collins
Birthdate: November 19th
Email Addy:
Food: Cheese, pepperoni, or canadian bacon pizza
colour:bluish purple
Band: Savage Garden
TV Show:Uhh... Power Rangers? ;) Or Buffy. Or The X-Files. AMW's not that bad.
Movie: Miss Congeniality
PR Character: Kimberly Ann Hart
PR Quote: DIVATOX: "Ooh, just thinking about it gives me goosebumps." ELGAR: "Kind of gives me gas!" DIVATOX: "ELGAR!"
PR Fantasy: To go to Homecoming or Prom with Kimberly, to spend an afternoon and evening chillin' with the Space Rangers in Angel Grove, and to become a MMPR Ranger (preferably the Green Ranger) along with my five best friends.
PR Episode: The Green Candle, The Mutiny, or Green No More
Pr other?: -Love to collect MMPR toys -Am on a mission to have every ep of PR on tape or VCD -Will NEVER stop until these are realized Name your *favorite* experience in Alt:: Discussing USC with White Tiger--my very first Alt visit.