MegaBlue/LithiumRanger -- Jason Takach
Personality: bordering on the edge of sanity
Lives in: Sheffield Lake, Ohio
Birthdate: August 30, 1980
Email Addies: and
Webpage: Underground Voice Daily
Works at: BJ's Wholesale Club in Avon, OH - back in deli hell
Education: Associate Of Applied Science Degree in Computer Programming from Lorain County Community College, 5/2001
Color: blue and green
TV Shows: Power Rangers in any/all forms, Sailor Moon, Clueless, Charles In Charge
Movies: Star Wars Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace, Miss Congeniality, The Emperor's New Groove
PR Quote: "What in star blazes was that?!" - Maya, "Orion Rising", PRLG Episode 12
PR Characters: Space & Lost Galaxy Ranger teams, Ryan from LR, Trakeena
PR Episodes: Any episode with dual/evil Rangers >:-)
PR Fantasy: Well... it's not a fantasy, per se, but I'd like to take a trip to the PR set (who wouldn't?) and just hang out with the cast. Of course, I also have the typical obsessed-fan dream of being on the show as a Ranger, but very few have accomplished that goal. If I remember it right, only one known Ranger has been a Rangerfan since MMPR. :-)
PR Other: After meeting Paladin, my hopes of having the largest PR collection were dashed. (Thanks, pal! ;-) Umm... I have the most complete Titanium Ranger collection, so I guess that's an accomplishment. Go me! ;-)