ldypur -- Elizabeth Pabon
Personality: I'm a leo, so I'm a little like my birth sign. I am fun to be with, and I love to laugh. I always have a smile on my face, very bubbly, goofy at times. I love animals!!
Lives in: Bronx, New York
Birthdate: August 13
Email Addy: ldypur58@yahoo.com
Song: Theme song from Angel
Band: variety
TV Shows: PRIS, Andromeda, Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Movies: The Mummy, Mummy Returns, oh yeah--Vampires :)
Colors: Pink, Purple,Green, Yellow, White, Black, RED
Foods: Spanish, Italian, Chinese
Other: I love to chat on alt!! You'll be seeing me in here very often, you might get sick of me--LOL :)
PR Quote: "you're--human" Ashley to Andros
PR Characters: Andros and Tommy
PR Episode: Flashes of Darkonda
PR Fantasy: Christopher Khayman Lee!!!
PR Other: It would be great if the creator's of PRIS--create a new show-uhh--PRIS LEGACY!!