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Personality: Hmmm...someone told me that I was "Sailor Moon on drugs" today. Is that a good thing? I'm at a loss at how to describe myself (other than exceptionally moody), honestly, but I'm sure if you ask some of the other #ALTers, they'd have plenty of "colorful adjectives" they'd be more than willing to suggest. On second thought...talk to me first...
Lives in: Greenville, SC
Birthdate: November 7, 1973
Email Addy: searoach@mindspring.com
Opinions: See the Opinions on her!
Food: Hmmm...dunno...though I rarely pass up chocolate. :9
Song: Depends on my mood. Classic or modern rock for crappy moods; Pop for juvenile moods and folk/new age for mellow moods. You can probalby hazard a guess what I listen to most often ;)
Bands: Collective Soul, the Eagles ... and Bon Jovi still rocks (boy, am I dating myself or what??)
Colors: Green...and blue...and, when feeling obnoxious enough, really bright yellow.
TV Show: Whatever...I'm not much of a TV watcher anymore (except for the evening news)--Touched by an Angel and Voyager are about all I watch on a semi-regular basis. I love to watch old reruns of the A-Team on TV Land if I happen to be home at lunch
Movie: I always liked TNT's version of *Treasure Island* (with Charleton Heston)--it's done very nicely and is a Hollywood rarity--a film based on a book that actually sticks to the original plot of the book (for the most part).
PR Quote: "Go inflict yourself on a mall."
PR Character: Duh! Any #ALTer know this one--Billy, of course. :)
PR Fantasy: You all fantasize about PRs?!?! What a bunch of sickos!!!! Geez...the people I hang around with on IRC...what would my mother think??? ;)