Kochanski -- Nancy E. Shaw
Personality: <Chello> "Either this (wo)man's dead, or my watch has stopped"- Groucho Marx
Lives in: Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Birthdate: November 19th, 1980
Email Addy: neshaw@home.com
Webpage: The Nancy.net
Food: Italian-American, alternately fast food/health food
Bands/Tunes/Albums: Fatboy Slim -- Enya -- "My Only Love" (the Sailor Moon album) -- Holst's "The Planets" Suite de Ballet, Op. 10
Colors: Red, Silver, Purple, Green, Teal, Orange, Brown, Black, 'Gunmetal' and 'Parchment'
TV Shows: Power Rangers (Space), X-Files, This Life, Buffy, Doctor Who, Star Trek (TOS)
Movie: Ladyhawke, Braveheart, Titanic, Exotica, Eraserhead
Quote from an Alt/KO/TJB Fic: "When you get to hell... Tell 'em KO-35 sent you!" --A Child's Dreams by 'Barclay Fallcreek'
Best response to a PR quote directed at me: <Ryan> hey nan, you got nice leaves, and your branches aren't to bad either <Nancy> if your trying to get me to comment about your twig, u got another think coming
Other Websites: The Shrine Depot, Rangers Intimate Moments and The Fanfic Nebula
PR Quote: "I think it needed more explosions." ~Andros
PR Character: Andros, Zhane, Karone/Astronema