Personality: Khayman is a 6009 year old vampire from KO-35. I don't work well with others, but need their blood so I keep them around anyways. :)
Lives in: Los Angeles--try to find me. :)
Birthdate: 3-11-78 (my real birthdate was sometime in 4011 b.c.) :)
Food: Blood and sushi-only if no blood is available.
Songs: Theme from The Lost Boys and B. S.'s Dracula.
Bands: I kinda like Bush. Metallica is good too.
Colors: Gray, black, white, amber, topaz, and BLOOD red. :)
TV Show: Forever Knight
Movie: The Lost Boys
PR Quote: What do YOU know about space, damnit?!!! :)
PR Character: Andros--DUH!
PR Episode: 265--you'll see!
PR Fantasy: To drain the other rangers of their blood, then rescue Zordon(for lunch)
PR Other: Hi, I'm Khayman. I play Andros on t.v. Uhh, I like to drink blood and chat in alt. Well, I must be off now- the night calls!
Other: Aside from being the oldest vampire known, my father was a very powerful demon. But he and I never really hit it off. I am a Power Ranger, too.:)