Jewel_Noxenet -- Jennifer Rogers
Personality: artistic, fun, energetic (i.e. hyper), weird, athletic, nice (until someone crosses me), protective of friends 'n family, open, loyal
Lives in: Orlando, Florida
Birthdate: April 29th, 1982
Email Addy:
Webpage: Twilight
TV Shows: Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Magic Knight Rayearth, Change Of Heart, Blind Date, Daria
Movies: Princess Mononoke, X-Men, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Songs: "Digital Get Down" - *NSYNC, "Home" - Dream Theater, "I'm Like A Bird" - Nelly Furtado, "My Generation" - Limp Bizkit....
Band: *NSYNC ( live with it ;) )
Colors: black, green, white and red
Foods: Chinese, salad 'n other healthy stuff, spaghetti
PR Quote: "Now wait a second whose side are you on anyway?" - Rocky "I'm on the side of true love," - Adam "Oh please, come on I wanna keep my lunch down ok?" - Rocky
PR Characters: Astronema/Karone, Jen (yeah she's a bitch but she kicks ass), Adam, Kimberly, Andros (when he took the stick outta his ass), Rocky
PR Episode: Evil Green Ranger mini-series
PR Fantasy: _
Other PR: the Ninjetti outfits.. yeah those were cool, love the ninja theme :)