Java_the_Curious -- Java Sunrunner
Personality: Hmm--is it possible that a dragon likes MMPR? Obviously! Between avoiding people who don't believe I'm a dragon (but I _am_!) and trying to get home in time to watch the show, I'm quite busy!
Lives in: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Birthdate: [Unknown]
Email Addy:
Food: Ask yourself: do you really want to know what a dragon eats?
Song: Walkin' on the Sun
Band: INXS
Color: Crystal
TV Shows: MMPR, X-Files, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Movie: Independance Day
PR Quote: "Nice stereo!"
PR Character: Kimberly! *sob* She's gone she's gone!
PR Episode: The first one. I'm a pushover for the classics.
PR Fantasy: Power Rangers? Meet Mulder and Scully....
Other PR: My typist convinced her friend's little brother that she was a power ranger. He really and truly believes it, too! This has been going on for two years now, and the poor kid still has no idea. *evil grin*
Other: I'm a three foot long crystal-white dragoness. I love #alt-mmpr because it's generally friendly and has some intelligent (well, at least interesting) conversation on it.