Gold Ranger -- Michael Mueller
Personality: I am 52 year old and work at a local grocery store and when I am home, I work on weather and Power Ranger items on my own computer, sorry not internet ready on it, and watch video tapes. I have over 300 figures of them and almost $10,000 worth of them.
Lives in: Camas, Washington
Birthdate: November 1, 1948
Email Addy:
Song: Footsteps Across The Water
Band: Corrosion Of Conformity
TV Show: Power Rangers
Movie: Power Rangers
Color: Gold
Foods: Steak, Cottage Cheese, Corn on cob, Strawberries
PR Quote: "Ninja Falcon MegaZord"
PR Episode: Power Of Gold
PR Character: Trey, Lord Of Trifforia
PR Fantasy: Me as Gold Ranger in Space helping other Rangers
PR Other: Walls are decorated with tons of Power Ranger Pictures and a Dragon Dagar, Saba, and the Golden Power Staff, I even have my own Power Ranger Dance that I do to two of the songs from the movie Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie and I even Karioke to all the song on the two sound tracks and even the title songs of the last four series.
Other: I have over 729 LPs 830 45s 175 CDs and over 350 Tapes