How to Get to Alt!

(Located on IRC in the SorceryNet network)

  • Getting here is REALLY easy. First, you need an IRC program. The best one, in my opinion, is mIRC. If you don't like it, just search for IRC programs.
  • Next, you need to connect to a server with the program (after setting the program up.) Type /server 6667 OR /server 6667. Hopefully one of the two will connect you to SorceryNet. :) If not, here's a list:
    • Random - 9000
    • Canada - 9000
    • USA - 9000
    • Europe - 9000
  • Finally, once it says you have connected, type /join #Alt-MMPR. It'll take you right to us! ;) And, don't be afraid just because you're new. All of us were too at one time. :) Just chat away! ;)
  • Another good thing to know is that people are most often around after 3 PM ET. After 8 PM though, the chat is allowed to get more mature. If you have sensitive ears, come before 8 PM.
  • Most importanly once you get here, HAVE FUN! ;)

Or, join #Alt-MMPR directly from the web!

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