@@@ Thuban/Galaxy -- Michael E. Stump @@@
Personality: Outgoing, somewhat studious, empathic/sympathetic, tutorial, willing to help
Lives in: Allentown, PA (Yes, the one from the Billy Joel song, although the song's really about Bethlehem), also Villanova, PA (during the collegiate school year)
Birthdate: September 2, 1979
Email Addy: michael.stump@villanova.edu
WWW Page: Coming soon. Check back often. :-)
Other Nicks: `Zeus, ZeoRangerV-Red, NashGlass, StoryTeller
Opinions: See the Opinions on him!
Type of Music: None, really... I'm eclectic, musically. Can't get into too much country, or rap, though.
Song: "I Will Come to You" (by Hanson, on "Middle of Nowhere"). The lyrics are really meaningful. Talk to me for more details.
Band: I'll take a lot of flak for this, but Hanson. I seem to have this thing for bubble-gum pop, and thus the boy bands... Hanson, Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync, etc., as well as Spice Girls, B*witched, etc.
Radio Station: Q102 out of Philadelphia
Movies: Both PR movies (with preference given to the first one, even though it's non-canon), Rocky Horror Picture Show, Interview with the Vampire, Dragonheart
TV Shows: MMPR (all incarnations), WWF Monday Night RAW, WCW Monday Nitro, MTV Total Request Live, Say What
Science: Astronomy! (I'm an astrophysics major at Villanova U.)
Constellation: Draco (the Dragon)
Star: Thuban (alpha Draconis, Arabic for "Dragon") [Do you sense a theme here?])
PR Episode: Call it cliche, but "Green With Evil" miniseries (it's what made me a major fan), The Mutiny (when it was on Primetime Power Rangers), many of the PRiS episodes.
PR Zord/MegaZord: NinjaFalconZord/ThunderMegaZord
PR Happy Moment: The Tommy/Kimberly first kiss
PR Sad Moment: Tommy reading the "Dear John" letter from Kim
PR Character: Tommy!... with Andros coming in second.
PR Song: Cross My Line (from the MMPR:TM soundtrack, by Aaron Waters (a.k.a. Mighty RAW))
PR Quotes: Rita- "My advice to you, Divatox, RUN!" & Tommy- *playing the Dragon Dagger*
Other: Anything you wanna know, ASK! I'll usually be more than happy to tell ya! And if ya ever need an ear to listen to ya, or a shoulder to cry on, lemme know.. I'm good at that too.