Auric/FireStryker/BlackRayne -- Thomas M. Kass
Personality: A Semi-shy well mannered individual, with a deep sense of loyalty to those who earn it. I am a man of my word, and never go back on a promise. If you ever have a chance to talk with me, you will realize, that there is always a ear for listening, and a shoulder for support. There are many rough roads ahead, and many wrong turns. but with a little guidance, and a loving hand. Those who are many, shall move forward, and into glory. "Not even the sun can banish the phantoms of our land. Nevertheless, we huddle in the darkness and pray for dawn..." Personal Saying: "I am Yesterday,
Today, and
Tomorrow, and I
have the power to
be born a second
time. I am the
divine hidden Soul
who created the
gods and gives
sepulchral meals
to the denizens of
the deep, the place
of the dead, and
heaven... Hail, Lord
of the shrine thats
stands in the
center of the earth.
He is I, and I am
Lives in: Malmstrom Air Force Base, Great Falls Montana
Birthdate: August 29th, 1978
Email Addy: or
Webpage: The Shrine of the Goddess
Opinions: See the Opinions on him!
Food: Steak
Song: Crazy Train by Ozzy Osborne
Band: Ozzy Osborne
TV Show: Mystery Science Theatre 3000
Movie: Anything Having to do with Military
Color: Purple and Black
PR Quote: "Think of the things I missed, The Black Plague, The Spanish Inqusistion, The Brady Bunch Reunion." Ivan Ooze, from MMPRTM (I think its correct, I lost my copy of the movie)
PR Character: Scorpina
PR Ep: Green with Evil Part 3: The Rescue
PR Fantasy: Have that cute ass gold bikini that Scorpina wears to fall off