Eurydice -- Melissa
Personality: <Eurydice> i'm vindictive and bitter, but not dirty :)
Lives in: Iowa
Birthdate: November 29th
Email Addy:
Webpages: The Elysian Fields
Music: Weird Al, They Might Be Giants, Barenaked Ladies, most things newfie or peppy :)
Musicals:Jekyll and Hyde, Into the Woods, Once Upon a Mattress, Evita
Color: Navy Blue
TV Shows: Simpsons, Do Over, Power Rangers, Young Hercules, Stargate SG-1
Movies: Pleasantville, Dogma
PR Quote: "Why? So you can step on my feet as well as my heart?" -- Skull
PR Character: Kimberly, Skull
PR Episode: The Potion Notion
PR Fantasy: Kim and Skull hook up of their own free will - no spells involved.
#alt quote: * StarFalcon decides to rip his cats head off and cook him for thanksgiving dinner * Thena rescues SF's cat and cuts off SF's tongue to serve in her stew for Thanksgiving <StarFalcon> the cat deserves to die *** StarFalcon has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer) <MegaBlue> * cat walks out from behind the computer with a piece of the phone line in its mouth