Personality:I'm a warm fuzzy-cuddle-whumpus who slept his way to the top. Adore me, adore me!
I think the sandwich is the greatest invention of the 18th century, screw electricity.
I'm a liberal who stoped caring back in 1992 and doesnt' care who knows it. Damn you Earth Day!
Picture Eric Cartman crossed the the Olsen Twins and you have a fair approximation of my personality.
Lives in: Minnesota. Our Govenor can beat up your Govenor.
Birthdate: July 5th, 1978
Email Addy:
Opinions: See the Opinions on him!
IRC Quote: <Jovette> There's a certain type of medication for depression they use here... <Mitsou> beer? <White_Tiger> called beer? <Derik> beer? <Jovette> god you people are predictable
Food: Chinese, and sandwiches. Sandwiches kick ass.
Song: I'm Afraid of Americans, Wouldn't it be Nice
Bands: Tool, Seal, Manson
Color: Purple
TV Show: PR (natch), Xena, I'm rather partial to Beast Machines
Movies: Mr Smith Goes to Washington, TF:TM, The Perez Family, Anything by Kevin Smith, Empire Strikes Back, Ever After, Sixth Sense
PR Quote: "What?"-Kat, T:APRM
PR Character: Elgar, he's a hottie
PR Episode: Master Vile and the Metallic Armor
PR Fantasy: Well, I once had this dream involving a nude JYB... but that's another issue entirely, as is the one involving Fortress Maximus. You dont' wanna get inside my head baby.
Other: I have a spastic inability to control which window I type in. (you'll understand if you meet me)
And I like to have my tummy rubbed.