<Personality> Quiet, Ingenious, Lazy, Serious, Willing to help, Comical (?)
<Lives in> Brazil
<Birthdate> August 14, 1981
<Email Addy> cyrobm@hotmail.com
<MORE ABOUT ME> "I'm the webmaster of the defunct site called Power Rangers Game Zone. I've been doing PR games for over 3 years,  but unfortunetelly I had to stop. As you can see I don't speak perfect English, but I think can communicate well."

<Songs> "The Heat is on", "Between Angels and Insects", "Battle Stations"
<TV Shows> "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", "The Simpsons", "Fresh Prince of Bel Air"
<Movies> "Dune", the "Back to the Future" trilogy, "Ferris Bueller Day Off", "Midnight Madness", and Power Rangers.
<Color> Red
<Food> Pizza, Pasta, Hamburgers, Junk Food in General
<Hobbies> Computers, gaming creation, webdesigning,
<PR Quote> "Now I'm the one with the muscles and the power!"
<PR Characters> Eric Meyers a.k.a the Quantum Ranger & the Duke Org Zen-Aku
<PR Episodes> "Always a Chance", "Reinforcements from the Future", "Forever Red"
<Frequency> Well, I go to #alt-mmpr daily. I'm usually there at night.
<COOL LINKS> none yet
<FUNNY Quotes>
[Paladin] I treat people 2X from what they treat me.
[TFOfficer] where do you work again, MB?
[Eri-Bear] Is BRAZIL still here?!?!
[White_Tiger] Finally... I am the leader of Silver Guardians, now I can get the respect that I deserve!
[timjohnson] ok, there are no real spoilers of what i'm going to say
[Derik] I probably don't care what you think
[Eri-Bear] I love you my fiery Brazillians!
[Sonya] Brasil is going to give it to England up the ass.
have I told you how much I love you today, cyro? you bring joy into my otherwise dull and dreary existence.
[Static-Pulse] Cyro: You're Brazillian. Come to America, then you'd be Latino. ;-)
[TFOfficer] Be back later. =)
[Sodders] EVERYONE will download FR. Because FR is just another ep.
[White_Tiger] Tell Jindrax what orifice you want him to stick that horn into
[Static-Pulse] My poetry would make your brain bleed...
PRC, PRC, PRC, what's up man?
Come on guys, we can't let Sideshow Bob win this. Vote for Kelly on American Idol tonight. I dont care if you dont even watch the show, just dial this number:1-866-436-5702 as many times as you can and place some votes for Kelly. I give you PRC, and ask for nothing in return. Just give me this...