Cr5 -- Ian Stevens
Personality: Weird, odd, unnervingly loyal to friends And yes.. Obsessed with Power Rangers. You'll find I'm quite a nice guy if you ever get over the shock of our first conversation
Lives in: Long Island, NY
Birthdate: October 6th, 1978
Email Addy:
Food: extremly rare double cheese burger with a fried egg, bacon, mushrooms, and curry powder
Songs: Devil Went Down to Georgia, In the Mood, You and me and the bottle makes three tonight
Bands: Sex-Pistols, Nine Inch Nails, Stray Cats, Glen Miller Orchestra, Big Bad Voo Doo Daddy
Colors: Grey, blue, Pink (if PJL or AJJ were wearing it)
TV Show: Power Rangers obviously, Dukes of Hazzard, anything on Cartoon Network
Movies: Anything with John Wayne, Sean Connery, or Cary Grant, Highlander, MMPR:TM< Kelly's Heroes, T:APRM, Mad Max, Real Genius, Young Einstein, Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
PR Quote: "Hey beautiful" -Tommy to Kim- White Light part 2
PR Characters: Tommy, Cassie, Kim, Ashley, Adam, and Billy
PR Episodes: Green with Evil parts1&5, Return of an old friend, White Light part2, Ninja Quest
PR Fantasy: PJL, AJJ, TLC, foursome! seriously- meeting PJL and going snowboarding, but i wouldn't rule out that first one
PR Other: Has a PR pillow with the White Ranger one one side and all on the other, has had it for almost four years. I take it with me everywhere i go. Also I have made several videos for my video art classes using my Power Rangers toys.
Other: PSIA certified Snowboard instructor -just like Patricia Ja Lee! Has same birthday as Amy Jo Johnson. Described by friends as "f*%^$d up blue booted freak, but a nice guy." Student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Electronic Media Arts and Communications major. I scare people.