Chello -- Chelsea E. Miller
Personality: I'm too quiet in public, shy, and usually ignore ppl... but get me on chat and I'm wild and spunky :)
Lives in: itty bitty Lawrenceburg, Ky (But if anyone asks... a galaxy no man has yet to name)
Birthdate: May 2nd, 1984
Email Addy:
Food: Spaghetti :)
Song: hmm.. It'll have to be either have to be " one more time" or "Local God"
Band: Offspring, Bush, Days of the New, Everclear, Matchbox20, Savage Garden, Britney Spears, 'N Sync, Backstreetboys
Color: Purple
TV Show: Power Rangers... Power Rangers.... Total Request Live.. did I mention Power Rangers?
Movie: both Power Ranger movies, Romeo&Juliet, Anastasia
PR Quote: "Oh yeah and sweetie,... Pink is Out"- Kimberly, "T:APRM"
PR Character: Tommy, Andros, Rocky, and yes, Zhane
PR Episodes: "Countdown to Destruction I and II", "Green no More"
PR Fantasy: I become the new Pink Ranger :)