Chaser -- Michele Morrison
Personality: I am a big CKL fan and watch my PRiS tapes whenever I can. I think Andros and Tommy were the best rangers.
Lives in: Trenton, Maine
Birthdate: January 25th
Email Addy:
Webpage: CKL Lovers Foundation Club
Songs: "Letting the Cables Sleep" and "The Voodoo song"
Bands: Bush, Metallica, Godsmack
Movies: Blade, Silence of the Lambs
TV Shows: PRiS, Forever Knight, and Andromeda
Colors: Green, Red, White, Black and any bright enough to look good with black
Food: General Tso's Chicken
PR Quote: "Alec? No, my name is Andros."
PR Episode: Flashes of Darkonda
PR Character: Andros
PR Fantasy: To be the long lost love that Andros thought lost in the destruction of KO35
Other: I love to chat with folks especially about PRiS, Space: Above and Beyond, CKL and Vampires and Witches