Charles -- Charles Roark
Personality: Very obsessive about things he's obsessed with....Also, very talkative, and tends to ramble a LOT--especially about things he's obsessed with!
Lives in: Central California, in a Valley where there are lots of Raisins. :>
Birthdate: April 4th, 1980
Email Addy:
Songs: Depends on my mood. I could list a ton....I especially like "I am Sailor Moon" (Mitsuishi Kotono), "Naked Eye" (Luscious Jackson), any song from the first Power Ranger soundtrack, "Turbo Time" and all the PRZ songs (T:APRM soundtrack), "Otome no Policy" (from Sailor Moon), the entire score to the stage version of "Evita", "Danse Boheme" and the Intermezzo from from Georges Bizet's "Carmen", almost anything by Abba or Madonna, etc. etc.!
Bands: Depends on my mood. I like everything--Madonna, Metallica, Missy Elliot, a lot of hip hop in general, Super Power *wink*, anything with the Might RAW *wink again*, Abba, Bjork, Luscious Jackson, etc. etc..
Color: Blue!
TV Show: A bunch. Power Rangers (of course), Sailor Moon, the Mary Tyler Moore Show, Charlie's Angles, Father Dowling Mysteries, anything with Lynette Jennings or Beverly DiJulio, Are you Being Served?
Movie: I'm too undecisive to decide. :>
Food: Again, too undecisive!
PR Quotes: I'm partial to stuff like "You obviously don't know who you're dealing with, MR. Raisin Head!" and "I'm a frog?". Also, anything witty and adult-aimed the enemies might say (like Ivan Ooze's "Brady Bunch" gag in the first movie). I also loved all the Wizard of Oz jokes. I'm especially partial to anything that's a cultural reference which young kids wouldn't get, and which were plainly put there for the older viewers. One of my favourites was the joke about Skull getting the idea to take a bath in tomato juice after seeing an episode of "The Partridge Family". (What made the joke even funnier was the addition in the outtake: "Partridge Who?") However, my all-time favourite quote is this: Prince Gasket (about Kat): She's got spunk! Archerina: I HATE spunk! (A joke taken from the first episode of "The Mary Tyler Moor Show".) That one nearly gave me a coronary!
PR Characters: Kimberly has always been my No. 1 favourite--although Tanya gave her a run for the money! And Trini was also one of my twp faves. However, I also love Jason, Zack, Billy, Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Bulk, Skull, Richie and Curtis (lumped together <tee, hee>), Ernie, Squatt and Baboo (!!!)--and, again, the list goes on. (Told you I was undecisive!) Oh, and there's one person whom I really do NOT like, and who shall remain nameless (although I believe he was the only person on the show with three first names and no last name ;>). Oh, and, as for the actors who protray these fine characters--I'm the hugest fan of the following: Amy Jo Johnson, Austin St. John, Thuy Trang, Nakia Burrise, and Steve Cardenas. It'd be safe to say that I'm obcessed with all these people (especially the last one, lately...). ~;>
PR Episode: I'm not even going to try. ~:> But, as a whole, I liked Power Rangers Zeo the best....My favourite episode woudl have to be from that season.
PR Fantasy: For Saban to come to his senses and just simply give me complete creative control over the show; to SOMEDAY finish this dang MMPR encyclopedia; to not meet any of the actors (I would literally pass out--I nearly pass out when I see them on TV!); to, along with my friend, Sharon, become the New Blue Ranger; and,my biggest dream of all: To someday open a Power Rangers merchandise museum.
PR Other:I'm a VERY avid and obsessive collecter of all things Power Rangers. (Who else do you know who's got Power Ranger wrist communicators, fruit roll ups, make up and compacts, scores of sports bottles and bike bottles [even though he doesn't have a bike], Power Ranger glycerine soap, shampoo, foaming bubble bath, and bandages, and a complete collection of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Glow in the Dark Refillable Belt Buckle Gum Dispensers--plus boxes and boxes of other such useful iteams? ~;> ) I'm also a founding member of the International Steve Cardenas Foundation. ~:)