BigGiantHead -- Brian Rowe
Personality: I've been described as being one degree shy of sadistic. How you see me is how you approach me. If you want to get in my face and try and tell me what's what, then I'm going to slap you around and introduce you to the ground. If you talk politely and are a pleasant person to be around, I guarantee you'll receive the same treatment from me. I think I'm fairly easy-going.
Lives in: Worcester, MA
Birthdate: Sometime roughly 21 years ago. Yay drinking age!
Email Addy:
Webpage: The Citadel
Alt-Fic: Lime Jell-O Crisis
Misc. Stuff: PR Mary Sue Litmus Test and The Power Rangers Purity Test
Greatest Achievement: Becoming an Eagle Scout. In second place, surviving Drum Major training.
Food: Meat!
Songs: Kill You (Eminem), Enemy (Days Of The New), Get Up! (Technotronic), Murder By Numbers (The Police), The Real Slim Shady (Eminem), Carmina Burana (Orff), The Planets (Holst).
Bands: Type O Negative, Blue Öyster Cult, Pink Floyd, Eminem
Colors: Black, Blue, Grey
TV Shows: MMPR, Days Of Our Lives, Drew Carey
Movies: The Crow, The Prophecy, The Last Don, MMPR:TM, Full Metal Jacket, The Abyss, The Lost Boys, Reservoir Dogs, Clerks, Mallrats, The Matrix, and Pulp Fiction
Authors: Timothy Zahn, David Eddings, Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, Don Perrin, Piers Anthony
School Subject: Chemistry.
Favorite Quote: "Into the fire!" -Evil Kimberly
Favorite Character: Billy
Favorite Ranger: Evil Green Ranger
Favorite Episode: Green With Evil Miniseries
Favorite Fanfic: My own, naturally! :-)
Favorite Fanfic Author: Myself, naturally! :-) Lately I've been reading Mele's stuff and it makes me cry every time. Mandi Ohlin is always fabulous, and I absolutely love Naomi's writing.
Ultimate Fantasy: Me and Trini, nuff said. Making a movie out of my fanfic.
Last PR-related Thing Purchased: The PRiS video
Other: If only I was head writer for Saban.... oh would that be fun.