Maze Of Galious
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This section of my page is dedicated to my two favorate games Both of them were origonaly avalable on the japenesse Family Computer and Zanac was released in America on the Nintendo Entertainment system it was released by F.C.I. The same company that released the Nes version's of Ultima 3 and four (and the awfull translation of 5) Sadly Maze of Galious was never released over here (sniff sniff) but thanks to bloodlust software Maze of Galious is available to play on the Nesticle Emulator Maze of Galious is a side scrolling Role Playing game Where you control two knights Panaloon (sp??) and Aphrodite, and you run around finding items and treasures trying to save somthing (its in japenese which I can't read yet) It is a game that should have been released over here but sadly it wasn't I would love to see the game released over here ,but it is highly unlikly (sniff sniff) Give it a try, Download Maze of Galious in .nes format here: Maze Of Galious Here is a page the talks about the MsX version of Maze of Galious its very differnt then the FAMly COMputer (famicon) version of it but it is worth a look Go here!" Zanac is a overhead shooter, now before you start throwing things at me it was a little different then most of the 8-bit shooters because it had a A.I. system where the enemies got stronger as you got better, so by level 2 if you were good enough you were already getting challenged by the enemies. This has remained my favorate game throughout the years give it a try and let me know what you think. Download Zanac in .nes format here: Zanac Now your proably wondering how to go about playing these games well first off go here : Zophars Domain As a warning though don't go to the message board, since there are alot of really mean people there who enjoy ripping people apart for the smallest infraction (they use such kewl words as lamers and newbies) go there and Download a program called nesticle (its in the Nintendo directory) with that you will be able to play these two games, But be warned about that page don't ask anyone there for any games or they get mad (they are really full of themselves) If you have any problems with the program feel free to email me at