Warm Visions

	Trini woke up to a cold Winter day.  She looked out her window, then wandered to her
closet.  She threw a look of disgust toward her clothes.  As the new girl in school, she wanted to
look good.
	After deciding on her jeans and a light blue sweater, she went downstairs for breakfast. 
“Mom, where’s the toaster?”
	“Oh, it’s in that box in the living room!” her mom yelled back cheerfully.
	Trini walked into the living room and found at least 20 boxes.  “Oh great.” she said as she
sat down.  She closed her eyes and found herself slipping into one of her visions.		

	She was on a warm, private island somewhere in the Caribbean.  The sea gulls flew above
her as she made her way to the water.   She saw four teenagers in the water.  She could smell the
salty water, and she could feel the hot sun shine down on her.
	“Ha Ha!  I got you Tommy!  We’re even now.” a brown haired girl said, laughing.  
	Tommy made his way through the water and waves to get to the girl.  “You get back
here!  Kimberly, I will get you again!” he warned as she swam to the shore.
	The girl, Kimberly, was running away from the water when she saw Trini.  “Hi.  How did
you get here?” she asked Trini.
	“I don’t know.  I just envisioned myself someplace warm, and here I am.” Trini answered,
	Tommy got out of the water with the other two teenagers.  He was about to grab
Kimberly when he spotted Trini.  “Hi.  Who are you?”
	“My name’s Trini Kwan.” she informed them.
	“Hi Trini.” everyone said as they waved in unison.
	“Hi.” Trini said and smiled. 
	Then she looked at their clothes.  They were completely dry!  The teens were just in the
water, and yet their shorts, shirts, socks, shoes, and even their hair, were completely dry.  She was
about to ask them about this crazy fact when Kimberly spoke up.
	“Well, I’m Kimberly.  This is Tommy, Billy, and Aisha.” 
	Kimberly was about 5’4” tall, had long brown hair, brown eyes, and was really pretty. 
Tommy was about 6’ tall, had long brown hair, brown eyes, and was very cute.  Billy was about
5’8” tall, short dirty-blond hair, green eyes, and was cute in an intelligent way.  Last, but not least,
Aisha was about 5’4” tall, long dark hair, dark eyes, and a gorgeous complexion.  She was also
very pretty.  Trini made these mental notes in her brain.
	“Do you live here?” Trini asked them.
	“No.  We come here for fun.  It’s a deserted island, well, except when we’re here.” Aisha
	Kimberly looked at Tommy, then she took off.  Tommy was right behind her.  “Gotcha!”
he yelled as he took her down.
	Billy, Aisha, and Trini walked over to them.  
	Tommy was tickling Kimberly in the sand.  She picked up some sand and tried to put it
down his shirt.   “What are you doing Kim?” he asked in shock as Kimberly started laughing.
	Soon everyone starting throwing sand.  They had a good sand fight going on when
Kimberly spoke up.  “Stop!  You’re getting it in my hair!”
	“Yeah, and I have some sand in my shoes!” Billy exclaimed.
	The sand stopped flying as the five teens melted into the sand.  Trini felt like she had been
in their clique for years.  All the teens were laughing together.
	After talking for awhile, they decided to look for some seashells.
	“Cool.  Look at this one.” Trini said to the group.  She had a small, pointy shell with a
pinkish color to it.
	“Whoa.  That’s pretty funky.  I’d keep that one if I were you.” Billy told her, looking at
the shell.
	Trini agreed, then put it in her pocket so she wouldn’t lose it.
	The rest of the day went fast.  Soon Tommy, Kimberly, Billy, and Aisha made their way to
the water.  
	“We have to go now.” Tommy told Trini as they stepped into the water.
	“O.k.” Trini said, then she turned her back to them.  “Wait!  When will I see you guys
again?” she asked as she turned back to them.  However, it was too late.  The had already
disappeared into the sunset.
	Trini sat down, alone now.  Her head was full of details from the day.  She wondered if
she would see them again, and where.   	
	Soon she found herself in the dark.  It then hit her.  How will she get home?   She
pondered this question until she found herself laying down in the sand.  She was thinking of a way
to get home when she closed her eyes and slipped off into a deep sleep.

	“Trini!  Get up!  You have to be at school in ten minutes!”  Trini woke up the sound of
her mom.
	Trini jumped up and gave her mom a hug.  “I’m home!”
	“What’s wrong?” her mom asked, looking at Trini with wonder.
	“I’ll explain later.  I have to get to school!  Bye!” Trini yelled as she left.
	She drove to her new school, thinking about her dream.  “I can’t believe you thought that
was real Trini.” she told herself as she parked her car.  She headed in the school, and went
straight to the office to get her schedule.
	As she was waiting for her schedule, she felt something sharp in her pocket.  She pulled
out a seashell.  The same one from her “dream”.  She had no time to think about it then because
the secretary handed her the schedule.
	She walked to her first class, trying to figure everything out.  “It was just a dream.  I
think.” she said to herself.
	She stepped into the classroom, but didn’t get any further.  There before her was Tommy,
Kimberly, Billy, and Aisha.  They spotted her and called her over.
	Trini sat down in the desk in front of Billy, then she turned around to face them.  They all
introduced themselves and talked to her like they had known her forever.
	Before the bell rang, Trini heard Kimberly complaining.  She turned around and saw
Kimberly shaking sand out of her hair.  Then Billy took off his shoes and poured sand into the
trash can.  
	“Why is there sand all over?  It’s snowing outside!” all four teens asked each other.
	Trini just sat back and smiled.  They’d never believe it, she couldn’t believe it herself. 
Somehow her warm visions became warm realities.

					The End

									April 25, 1995
Michelle Faist