The Sword Of Ada Rem By Paladin

(this story starts before Tommy Oliver moved to Angel Grove) Openning scence:Angel Grove Juice Bar (the day after Zachs Birthday) Jason and Zach are practicing thier Martial arts as par usual Kim and Trini are watching thier friends work out while drinking milk shakes (in pink and yellow glasses), Billy is no where to be seen. Kim : Trini, have you seen Billy today? Trini (taking a long sip from her shake) I havn't seen him since first period today, Why? Kim : I saw him at lunch today and he looked upset about somthing, I tried to talk to him but he just said he was tired? (bulk and skull come stumbling into the juice bar interupting the girls conversation, Zach and Jason eye them expecting somthing) Bulk : Why are you looking for that dweeb? Skull :yeah! why you lookin for that dweeb? (Bulk slaps Skull in the well skull) Bulk :The Dweeb cut school today after lunch today, be a shame if Kaplin found out that the king geek is skipping out ! Skull : yeah mad ! (Kim looks at Trini Worrily) Bulk :So why don't you girls stop worring about the geek and hang out with us men in the park! Skull : us in the park! (Jason and Zach see Kim and Trini being bothered and start over) Kim uhhh! Get a life! Trini : no thanks guys... (bulk steps towards Kim as if to smack her) his hand is caught in mid air by Jason's strong grip Jason : you two were just leaving right? Bulk (squirming to release Jason's iron like Grip) Your not worth it dweeb! Skull (laughing) yeah not worth it! (jason lets Bulk go , the two scurry away) Skull : Yeah! you showed them Bulk! Bulk :(hitting Skull again) shut up lets go get some food! Kim (smilling) Oh Jason, (in a singsong voice) My Hero! Jason : Smiling "always there my princess! all (laugh) Kim : But you know we coulda handled it ourselves Trini : But we are all a team and we must never forget that! Zach : what did those moron's say anyway? You looked real upset? Trini : They said Billy skipped out on school today? Zach : Billy skip school no way! Kim : I Know its not like him at all! Trini : I'm real worried about him Jason : I think I know why... Kim : well my hero, don't leave us in the dark! Jason: (quietly) I think Billy should tell you .. we better go find him all : right! Kim : Any idea where he could be? Jason : not a clue Trini : whenever he got upset before he always went to the park...he might be there. Kim : i was wondering, do you think it has anything to do with that new kid who moved here? Zach : The nerdy lookin' one with the long hair and glasses? Kim : ZACH! thats not nice!, but thats the one Jason : nothing to do with him (at this time the new kid walks into the juice bar tripping over his own foot sending his books everywhere) Jason : (moves over to help) Hey let me help you with those! New Kid :Thanks!...ummm Jason right? Jason :yeah and you are? New Kid : people usually call me geek but you can call me Jim Jason (grinning) kewl Jim : I heard you teach a martial arts class, could I ummm join maybe? Jason : sure thing Have you ever studied before? Jim :well from my entrance ,draw your own conclusions (picking up another book) Jason (grinning ) I guess not, but feel free to drop by later, Jim (picking up the last book) thanks I'll do that. (Kim Trini and Zach come over) Jason : o! these are my friends Zach Kim and Trini Jim : Ummm (blushing) hi...I um..gotta ..Go. nice to meet you all(he scurries away) Kim : now that wasn't too odd was it? Zach : I told you! Kim :(elbows Zach in the ribs) Hey! he was just umm... Trini : Shy thats it Jason : maybe we should introduce him to Billy! Kim : O great another non talkitive brain! ZAch (elbowing kim) Hey! Jason : Speaking of Billy lets go look for him now.... Scene two Rita's palace on the moon Rita :Sooo The wimpy Blue Ranger is missing! Goldar : a perfect time to strike my empresss Rita: yes it is ! Goldar, for your valuued service It is time for me to reward you! Goldar : I am honoured dear empress Babbo (to squat) : Why does he get honoured and not us! Rita : Silence you two! Goldar : (glarees at babbo) Silence! Rita : Come with me (rita ushersGoldar into a dimentional gate she conjures up) Babbo : ooh where does it go? (peering in) Squat : Maybe you shouldn't... babbo (babbo is zapped by th portal and sent flying backwards) owwwww Squat : see see! I told you Babbo : (rubbing head) ooo my head Scene 3 (a strange cave filled with smoke and rubber monsters (kidding about the rubber monsters) In the center of the caves is a simple looking sword stock in a silver stone Rita : and this is your reward The sword of Ada Rem! Goldar : (confused) It is just a old rusted eartly weapon, but I except it my empress! Rita : This sword has powers that will destroy the Power Rangers and Zordon forever! Take the sword Goldar and destroy our foes! Goldar as you commnad my Empress! (godar grasps the sword with both hands ) The cave is filled with a silver light , Rita covers her eyes from the radiance when the light finally goes away, Goldar stands in brilliant Silver armour Similar to his old armour but radiating with power and energy also Goldars face is covered with a silver mask and he holds a trully mighty looking sword! Goldar : (holding hands up in the air) I feel the power! its mine! Rita : yes now defeat the Power Rangers for me now! Goldar : Yes ! The Power Rangers will die this day! Goldar sprouts large metalic wings that would make arch angel jealous and flies out of the cave threw the cieling.. Rita : Yes go defeat the Rangers and then...... Scene four (in the park) beep beep beep beep ....beep beep! Jason : "ow man not now!" Kim : oh great timing Ritta! Jason : (pressing a button on his comunicator) come in Zordon Zordon : The city is being attacked by Goldar Zach : Again? doesn't that sick little monkey ever learn? Jason :We're on our way! Jason : Right ! its morpin time! Tyranasourous! Pteradactyl! Mamothh! saber tooth Tiger! The rangers teleport to thier respective zords! Red Ranger: lets take this monkey! black ranger : Yeah lets do it! Yellow Ranger : its over Goldar Pink Ranger : umm what about billy? Red Ranger : Pressing button on communicator : "zordon where is Billy? we need him!" Zordon : he is not answering his communicator!, Alpha can you control the Triceratops Zord? Alpha : Ai yi yi yi! yes Zordon ,Where could billy be? (pressing buttons swiftly) Alpha 5 : Triceratops on line! Red rangers : activating megazord mode enabled (everybody's favorate zord forming sequnce here) The megazord stands face to face with Goldar Red ranger : My god! look at him! Black Ranger :What on earth happened to him! Yellow Ranger : He looks unstoppable! Goldar : Ahhh Rangers! welcome to my barbacue! (Goldar sends a bolt of flameing energy from his new toy, which hits the Megazord with a force that sends it flying into a nearby building) rangers : Ahhhhh Pink Ranger : he's too strong! Red Ranger : oh man! Goldar : fareweell rangers! (goldar picks up the Megazord with one hand and sends it hurling across the city to the ocean, where the Megazord sinks to the bottom) end part 5 Alpah 5 : Ai Yi yi yi ! the rangers! I can't teleport them the water is too deep! Zordon : They will be safe as long as the air presure stays alpha , have you found Billy ? Alpha : no he is nowhere to be found! Zordon : Lock onto his comunicator Alpha :yes Zordon why didn't I think of that? Scence 6 (secluded part of the park by the lake , Billy is sitting by the lake tryijng to skip stones while listening to the walkman that Kimberly gave him) Billy (to noone imparticular) I hate anniversaries.I'm the Blue Ranger (looking at his communicator) I fight monsters everyday, I help save the world from Rita.. but why can't I get over this..... Suddenly Billy is teleported to the command center Billy (standing up stunned, removing head phones) huh what the...? Zordon : I am very disapointed in you Billy , your friends are in grave danger, why havn't you answered Alpha's messages! Billy (about to cry) I.I..was listening to....I Zordon : we will deal with that later..your friends are in dire danger.. and Goldar is attacking the City (zordon and Alpha-5 fill him in on the details) Billy : Where did Goldar get this new power he seems unstoppable! Zordon :Somhow Rita found the Legendary Sword of Ada Rem and has given it to Goldar Billy : Sword of Ada Rem? sounds prostegious... what is it? Zordon : 6000 years ago your world was threatened by a galactic being know as Ivan Ooze he attacked your planet trying to find the crystal of evil to release his master Zeon, He had nearly won the crystal, but a teenager such as yourself created a enchanted sword and destroyed the crystal, which was the key I needed to imprison Ivan Ooze and thus save your world. Billy : I see ,prehistoric rangers? Zordon (smiling) somthing like that yes. Billy : so goldar has that sword now? Zordon : yes Billy :what can we do to stop him? Zordon : he is invincible with that sword nothing can stop him with it. Billy : so we just sit and watch him destroy our world? Zordon : no a safeguard was created, When the creator of the sword became weak do to a unknown illness he placed his spirt into a crystal ,much like the crystal of evil, but this crystal was of pure ligh, The sword will react to this crystal and return to whence it came Billy : So alls I need is to find this crystal? Zordon : No , the crystal cannot be wielded by one who has the power, Billy : So can Alpha get it? Zordon : again no, it must be wielded by somone true of heart who could one day inherit the power Billy : So that leaves us out, any ideas as too who can help us? Zordon : A person worthy of the power has just moved to Angel grove Billy : That new kid, The one with the hair? Zordon :ummm yes thats the one Billy Billy : HE had a trullly Prodigidous mind he was able to keep up with me in class last week, but how are we to get him to help us? without finding out who the rangers are? Zordon : He who toouches the crystal and summons the sword wll forget all knowledge of it Billy : so I guess I should go look for this guy huh? Zordon : Yes his name is Jim I beleive Billy : Thanks Zordon, Its Morphin time! Triceratops! Billy teleprts to the back of the juice bar scene 7 (insded the juice bar) JIm is walking into the juice bar wearing a green karate Gi Jim : now where is Jason? Jim walks up to Bulk and taps him on the shoulder Bulk : huh? Jim : Umm have you seen ummm Jason today? Bulk : Get lost dweeb! (he turns to punch Jim but his hand is caught by the blue ranger) Bulk : Not again!(skull backs off and runs away) Blue Ranger : I think you should leave my friend here alone! (he releases Bulks hand and Bulk peas his pants while running away) Jim : ummm th.thanks Blue Ranger... Blue Ranger : Not a problem , Jim : Y you c called me f friend,do I know you? Blue Ranger : Ummm sorta can we talk somewhere private? Jim u-u-mm sure.. did I d do somthing wrong? Blue Ranger : Not at all, the world needs your help Jim : M-my help? Blue Ranger : yes you will you help us? Jim : o of course Blue ranger and Jim teleport to the command center Scene 8 Blue Ranger and Jim teleport in (jim falls on the floor) Zordon : Greeting Jim welcome to our command center jim : u-uu-mmm -y-y-our a-a--a- Zordon (humour in his voice) a disembodied head in a water cooler I know (blue ranger and alpha-5 start laghing hysterically) Blue Ranger : you knew about that? Zordon (grinning) yes Billy Jim Bi-illy? Billy Cranston? Alpha-5 looks at Zordon then at Billy Ay Yi Yi Yi Zordon you just called.... Zordon : Its ok he can be trusted with our secrets Billy (taking off helmet) umm well now that thats out of the bag (grinning sorta) Jim : if your the Blue ranger...then jason and the girls are (puzllling over this) Zordon : you are very quick my friend Jim : I was wondering why you guys always wore the same colours, and those watch thingies you all wear it makes sense now Billy : Very perceptive Jim : umm not to sound unhospitable.. but why are you telling m-me this, and w-why me? Zordon : You hold within you a great power, and your help is needed to save the rangers from disaster, they are trapped at the bottom of the ocean becasue of Goldar Jim : t-that giant golden monkey thing? I think I saw him on the news when I first got here Billy :thats the one (zordon explains the whole story of the rangers goldar, and the current plight and the power of the crystal of light Jim : t-this is ummm neat, Zords Dinosaurs power crystals ooze monsters flying monkeys? Billy : Zach had the same reaction to it too Zordon : Will you help us? Jim :i-i- umm -w-elll Billy : We need your help! Zordon : only he can make this decision Billy : But my friends they might die! Jim : I-I-I I'll do it! Zordon : Thank you!, The universe is in your debt!, Alpha bring the crystal of light! Alpah-5 runs into a sub room of the command center and returns with a velvet box (incidently the same box that the rangers give goldar the choclate power coins in the future) Zordon : And to you I bestow the Crystal of light, The spirit of Ada Rem, Let its light guide you on your journey! Jim : ummmm I ahh except the power!(he holds out his hands and ttakes the crystal) Ada Rem : oh worthy Friend of Zordon's I give you my power to help in the dark times , oh and whats up Z-man ? Zordon : Oh Ada Rem how I missed you, AND STOP CALLING ME Z-MAN! Ada Rem : (grinning) of course Z Alpha-5 : Ai Yi Yi Yi! Ada Rem : Lets go stop Goldar! Billy : Right ! good luck! Jim : Th-thanks! Ada Rem :Now except the power! (Jim flashes with a pure white light and is transformeed into The form of Ada Rem who looks very similar to the red ranger except grey and green colours with a long cloak Jim : Alright lets squash this monkey! (Jim teleports to the city) billy : wow! that was neat! Zordon : Billy you can not tell the other rangers about this, if they ask you , it was you who saved them ok? Billy : But why keep this a secret? Zordon : It is not time for them to know yet Billy : I promise what should I tell them? Zordon : you will think of somthing scene 10 Goldar : I'm the one with the power! earth is mine!!!! Rita teleports down to where Goldar is trashing the city Rita : Earth is whoose? Goldar : uhh I mean yours my Empress! Rita : remember I can take what I gave! Goldar : Yes my Empress! (rita teloports away again and Ada Rem teleports in) Ada Rem : Your rain of tyrancy is over Goldar! Goldar : (confused>) Ada Rem your Dead! I saw you die 6000 years ago! YOU gave up me you died! ADa REm : I see the sword has already taken its toll on you Goldar : What are you talking about, what am I talking about I'm not even that old! ahhhhhh Ada REm : The sword consumes you with your intentions Goldar, Reutrn it to me so I may put it to rest! Goldar : No its power is mine!!! you can't have it! Zeon will rise again and you will die again! Ada Rem : Sigh I am sorry but I have too do this! (Goldar charges at Ada Rem ,Ada Rem Teleportsd behind Goldar and gives him a swift kick to the back which barly phases goldar at all) Goldar : Can't you see the power is mine!you lose! (goldar lets loose a bolt of energy which hits Ada Rem Square in the chest sending him careening into a building) Goldar : Now you lose just like the rangers!, Die! Ada Rem : I'm sorry, (Ada Rem holds up the crystal of light ,which radiates a beam of pure energy at Goldar sending him careening back causing him to drop his sword as well as causing his armour to burst into pieces) Goldar : (nooooooo! the power leaving me nooooo....(Goldar falls unconscious) Ada-Rem : I didn't want to do that but I had no choice( he bends down and picks up his sword and walks over to the fallen goldar,) You do not deserve this ,you are not tottally evil ( he touches Goldar with the sword and Goldar teleports back to rita's castle) Go to your empress, one last thing, (he holds the sword high in the air, chanting in a old forgotten language) (at the ocean in the Megazord) Red Ranger : Man we are running out of air (coughing) Pink Ranger : this is not how I want to go (panicing) somone help us (she begins to scream) Black Ranger : Kim , you need to be calm, Z and Billy will help us, you know they won't let us down Pink Ranger : (taking her helmet off, kim begins to cry on Zachs shoulder) Yellow Ranger : (removing helmet) Kim we' will be fine trust in zordon.. and billy they never let us down before. Kim (whiping back tears) your (sniff) right, (sniff) sorry about that. Zach : Cheer up girl! Red Ranger (also removing helmet as zach does as well0 over there in the water it it looks like a dragon? Kim : Crawling over to Jason's window noo not another monster (she begins to cry again, Jason holds her ) Jason : its its comming this way. Zach :Man this day is just going from bad to worse! Trini (holding kims hand) : why did I get up this morning? Kim (sniff ,sniff) Maybe (sniff) its B-Billy out there? Zach : Yeah its Billy (not believing himself) Jason (holding Kim tighter) Brace yourselfs here it comes! ( the Dragon comes closer to the trapped MegaZord Zach : Guys its been real! Kim (bursts into tears again saying nothing) Trini : not like this nooo. Jason : (woried) guys. we need to pull ourselfs together, we are the Power Rangers! Zach : Tell that godzilla thing out there that! Kim (stands up and wipes her eyes) Its its ok...Its here to help l-look! They all look up at the window ,where the Dragon begins to pick up the megazord and begins dragging it towrards the shore Jason : hold on its going to get bumpy from here on out! Zach : I'lll be (he slips and begins to fall but trini catches him) Trini : be carfull! Zach : My Hero! (in a sing song voice) Trini drops him kim laughs The dragonzord finally breaks the surface, the rangers take deep breaths as the megazord is filled with fresh air The dragon sets the megazord down and returns to the sea Kimberly Climbs to the top of the megaazord and begins to yell Kim : Thank you! The dragon looks back for a brief second and kim will swear to this day in the shriek she heard your welcome, the rest of the rangers begin to climb out of the MegaZord and stand together on the shoulder of the Megazord ,breathing in the fresh air and holding each other close scene 11 (at the command center) Ada Rem Teleports back in Billy : what on earth was that dragon thing? Zordon : you will see in time... a prophecy Ada Rem : It is time for me to return Billy : Umm thanks for saving my friends Ada Rem :Not a problem, now to return your friend to normal Billy :now Zordon he will not rember anyything right? Zordon : no he won't Ada Rem : (holding hand up in the air ) oh and farewell Z-MAN! (he teleports away leaving a unconscious Jim on the floor) Zordon : STOP CALLING ME Z-MAN...... Billy (smiling) I'll teleport him to his home, one question (as he teleports Jim home) what happened to the sword? Zordon : It was teleported to its rightful shrine Billy : Won't rita just steal it again? Zordon : It can only be wielded by evil once, it is pure now, it is waiting for the chossen one to take it once again Billy : The chossen one? Zordon :Yes one day a human of the true heart, will loose his powers and be set in chaos for a time, At that time the Jewel of light will choose him as the new wielder of the sword Billy : Neat, now I need to go see the others make sure they are ok Zordon :: Go then and may the power proctect you! (billy teleports out) Scene 12 (at the beach the rangers have de-morphed and are walking up the beach to the juice bar) Jason : Man that was scarry Kim : .....yes it was.. trini (squeezing her hand) but we are ok now right? Zach : But what was thatt dragon thing? Jason : No idea ,but it looked kinda like our zords? Kim : ...Look its Billy! (she runs towards Billy and knocks him over in a big hug) Billy : ....hi! Kim : we..we were so worried...! Billy : I'm fine!.. just glad you are all safe! jason :We better get to the zords! Goldar is still loose! Billy : no he was taken care of... Zach : how.. Billy (puzzling) umm ..a big..umm Dragon ..yeah dragon thing stopped him yeeah a dragon stopped him. Kim : ...a Dragon...That explains it... Billy (perplexed) it does? Jason : why you confused Billy it was that dragon thing right? Billy (giving up) yes it it was. Trini : lets get back to the juice bar All : right sscene 13 (jims house) Jim (waking up) what on earth? was that a dream(rubbing head) praobly was o well (AS he gets up he see's the crystall around his neck) Jim : What the? scene 14 (the juice bar the next day) (Jason and Zach are practicing while Kim Trini and Billy are sitting at a table drinking milkshakes) Kim : Billy you never told us what was eating you yesterday? Trini : do you want to tell us? Billy : umm yes.. you umm know how my mother died when I was younger? Kim (concerned) yes ? Billy : well yesterday was the day that it happened all those years ago trini (holding his hand) now it makes sense. Billy : I was soo worried that I was going to loose all my new firends too ! (at this point Jason and Zach came over) Jason : hey bro! we would never leave you! (he grabs billy by the shoulders friendly) they all laugh (bulk and skull show up at this point, Bulk is sneaking up on Jason about to throw a pie at him in revenge for the day before) (as Bulk pulls his hand back Kimberly sees in the corner of her eye) Kim : Jason look ou.... Bulks hand is grabbed from behind by a mystery man, and the pie flies into skulls face) Skull : ahhhhh! Jason : walks over behind bulk and skull (who are now fighting with each other on the floor) and extends his hand) Jason : Thanks buddie (to his surprise it is Jim from the other day) Jim : not a problem! Jason : would you like to join us ? Jim : Sure! (jason leads him over to his friends) Jason : you guys rember Jim from the other day right? Kim : yeah you ran away before we could say hi Jim : sorry about that, just a little nervous then Zach: you seem so differnt now Billy (smilling) : Jim :oh I just feel better now (ernie serves another round of milkshakes) Jim :hey Billy ,Kewl watch, its blue too ,neat!, and Kim pink ,jason red , zacn a black one and trini a yellow one?, hmm If I didn't know any better I'd say your guys were like the power rangers! (he takes a sip of his drink. The rangers just look at each other and smile final scene (rita's palace at the moon) Goldar is sitting alone in his chamber Goldar : the sword will be mine again... I crave its power.... end By Paladin (any comments email me at