Paladin's Stuff Page!

I just thought I would compile a list of stuff that I 
need/want. relating to mainly Power Rangers (with some 
Transformers and stuff too!)

Power Rangers

1.The command Center (with Alpha-5 action figure) 2. Alpha-5 action figure 3.Deluxe ninjor 4.Karate action TRini and Zach (Black and Yellow) 5.Deluxe dragon dagger/flute (child role playing toy) 6.Saba the talking sword 7.Power Rangers Pals (stuffed toys) TRini,Billy 8.punch a bunch (Zeo evil space alien) 9. japeneese tencu warrior action figure 10. (moc) Auto morpin Zach,trini,Billy 11. auto morpin Billy 12. any of the first season Giant evil space aliens 13. amy of the merlin P.R. stickers from book 1 and 2 14. merlin sticker book 1 15. thunder cycles ,billy,trini,Zach,Jason 16. Shark Cycles Tommy,Rocky,Billy,Aisha,Adam 17. and any other pr stuff that you may want to part with


1. Red cliffjumper (Gotten from :Hotshot) 2. (mib) Blitzwing (triple changer) 3. gears 4.(japenese) Batrain 5. Swoop (Pteradon dinobot) 6. Predacons (metal) Divebomb,Headstrong,Tantrum 7. Predacons (plastic) Divebomb 8. Constructicons any loose,on the card or broken (I colloect them) 9. Galvatron 10. Decepticon jets (mib) Starscream,skywarp thundercracker, Dirge thrust ,ramjet 11. Cyclonis 12. Scourge 13. (mib) Blur 14. Snarl 15. Sunstreaker 16. Sideswipe 17. Deluxe insecticons (all) 18. Fortress Maximus 19. Mindwhipe 20. Microman (Japenese Soundwave) 21. Convoy (Japenese optimus Prime/Ultra Magnus) 22. Skids 23. Megatron (preferably in one piece but then I'm not tooo picky) 24. Gold Bug (crappy throttlebot)

Transformers: Generation 2

1. Dinobots (all) 2. strafe (Found in :Norfolk Nebraska) 3. air raid (Found In Norfolk Nebraska) 4. inferno 5. star scream 6. constructicons (all) 7. (moc) orange scrapper


1. lionbot (japenese) lion voltron (gotten from: Hotshot) 2. Voltron 1 (vehical team) 3. Voltron 2 (gladiator) 4. Voltron 3 (american lion) 5. minature moterized volotron (all but green,black lions) 6. any other miscalanious voltron things

Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles

1. Green april (came with newsvan) 2. Turtle Blimp 3. gengis frog 4. fugitoid 5. movie turtles ,mike,Don, 6. Krang (origonal) (found in :Norfolk Nebraska)

Magic The Gathering

1. Moxe Ruby (preferably Beta or alpha) 2. Island Of Wak Wak 3. Juzzam Djinn 4. Ali From Cairo 5. Ali Baba 6. Jihad x2 7. Angelic Voices (legends) 8. Sword of the ages 9. Necropotence (any printing I just want to burn them) 10. Force field 11. Cyclopian Tomb 12. Bird of Paradise (beta or alpha) 13. Wrath of god (beta or alpha) 14. Crusade (alpha only) 15. Unsomon (alpha only) 16. orcish oraflame (alpha Only) 17. Chaos orb x9 18. Shaharazade (as many as I can get) (i am interested in some other beta/alpha cards and am willing to trade some other cards)

Star Wars : custimizable card game

1. Grand Moff Tarkinx2 2. Darth Vaderx2 3. Hoth gift set 4. Comence Primary ignition x2 5. Superlaser 6. Admiral ozzel 7. Captain Piett 8. Princess Leia 9. Pink R2D2 (very rare) 10. Devestator 11. Blizzard 1,2,3 12. Bobba Fett (mine was stolen by a scum sucking pig) If you have any of these items email me at or if you have Icq: contact me at :907401 I will trade (will have trade list up soon) or pay cash for most items