Paladin's Nesticle Patch Page

Dragon Warrior 3 patch 1.0
This Patch is for Dragon Warrior 3 and it contains codes that will enable you to start with 6 of any item of your choice each time you create a new charecter.
Finally those pesky orbs will be very easy to obtain as will the hard to find items such as thor's sword (gotten randomly from granite titans) and the legendary Shoes of happiness and staves of reflection (metal babbles and high end mages)

Also I have included some codes from the Game genie code book in case you missed them. A bit of warning don't use the vitaliy+ code or your hero will start with 133 hp ,which is great but it won't get any higher (save the seeds) I will be adding a few of my modified codes once I return home and are able to claim them once again
A few notes about Dragon Warrior 3 on nesticle 4.0 Do not try to use the Thor's sword in battle as it will freeze the game ( maybe 5.0 will fix that, we can only hope)
also in Zoma's castle when you get locked in the room with the granite titans (first level) they will take a little longer then normal to attack you (so don't reset)
Also with the item start up codes for some reason the second member of your parties' first item is replaced by the new item when you create a new charector (did not do this on the origonal cartridge)
The final thing that I noticed was alot of codes for dragon warrior 3 and final fantasy that origonally worked on the original cartrdige freeze the game (stop emulation or whatever yoiu want to call it) These seem to include codes that effect the resolution of battles, In the updated patch I will include these codes.
Also for reference I had created each of the start with item codes on my own (took the better part of a day) And yes I am aware that others had done it as well (in fact I had to do it twice cause I lost all my codes due to a surprise parental cleaning)
I am open to people sending me thier patch files , given that they are not just the codes in the game genie code book (these files will be ignored)

or on icq at :907401