Not even Billy?
Tommy I can understand...
I could even understand Cathrine,
But Billy too?

Not a word from anyone of them in over six months I havn't
even heard from Alpha or Zordon for that matter.

Kimberly wonders as she is checking her mail.

It has been nearly Two years since she was a member of the Power rangers. Has it realy
been that long? I left to pursue my gymnastics carear, 
oh that went well too. I was at the finals I was doing well till I botched it and fell
Aparently the fall I took back at the juice bar did more then I thought. now I will
never compete again"

"Good morning Miss Heart!"
 Kimberly is broken from her reveire By Bob the local U.P.S. delivery man
Kimberly:"good morning Bob"
"I've got anotherr package for you"
Kim: I don't remember ordering anything?"
Where is it from?"
Hmm... lets see... no  return address..
Kim : "how odd?.(could it be?)
she signs Bob's clipboard absentmindedly, her mind absorbed
Kim barelly remembers to say goodbye to Bob as she is so enraptured by her surprise package

After taking her surprise delivery Kim hurridly returns to her home, not noticing the
evil eyes following her every move in the shadows.

Returning to the privacy of her own home, (which is by the way festivly adorned with pink and
purple decorations.)
She walks past her photoCallage that her friends gave her right before she left, Tommy,Billy,Aisha
and the others. Kimberly sits for a moment rembering all the excitment and adventure she had as the pink ranger
as well as all the pain her and her friends suffered.
Kim begins to open the package when suddenly she is startled by the phone ringing!
Setting aside the package she answers the phone..
Kim : "Hello?"
phone "..........
Kim "Heh who is this!?"
Phone ".............."
Kim "Grrr......Get a life Jerk!"
Kim slams the phone down hard, 
This is the third time this week!...its starting to get creepy...,Well..anyway, back to the mysterry package
She begins to open the package again when there is a loud banging at her door
Kim "What now?
thinking to herself, (if I didn't know better it would seem that someone doesn't want me to open this)
A voice bellows from down the stairs
"Kim! your Trainers here to see you!"
Kim yells back "I'll be there in a minute!" (what does he want?)
"this will have to wait awile" she places the package down and rushes down the stairs

She again fails to see the eyes starring at her from outside her window
The sky begins to cloud up, looks like rain.........

"Good evening Kimberly" 
Hi coach, what brings you here?
Coach "I have some bad news for you ,I can no longer train you"
Kim (great do I stink that bad?) "whats wrong?"
My brother has suffered a heart attack, and I must go to care for him" "I'm sorry"
Kim (thats ok I wasn't going anywhere anyway) "I hope your brothers OK"
Coach "me too.... I felt I should tell you in person considering you sacrifeced alot to come here and train
Kim (more then you can imagine) "Thank you"
Coach "You never cease to amaze me,no matter what happens you are always so understanding, you should be
a superHero!
Kims mom: "maybe even a power ranger"
Kim (hmmmm) "That would be.... nice"
All : laugh
coach : "I must go now.. farwell and good luck"
He gives her a a hug and leaves 
Kim : "Ba-bye!"
KIm's mom :  "what are you going to do now Kim?"
Kim " I think I am going to have a sandwich...
Kim's mom " Kim... you know what I mean"
Kim (save the world) "I'll think of something"
Mom " You need to think about your future Kim...."
Kim (blah blah blah) ...."yes...mother........"

In light of the current events Kim forgot all about her package and proceeds to continue her daily

it has begun to rain......
Later that night she returns to her room exhausted, she is surprised to see the package on the floor 
with a large black stain on the floor, she also noticed that the window was flung open. 

She was not aware of the eyes staring at her..from a safe distance.......

"Now things are getting strange..."
Finally becoming aware of the package on her floor
"oh yeah! I almost forgot"
the window temporarily forgoten as well as the strange stain she sat down to open her package
she quickly removed the outer tape and began to open the box , at the top of the box was a letter
It was written on Angel Grove stationary
(now who could this be from? Billy would have sent E-mail, Handwritngs too neat for Tommy ,or 
Rocky for that matterr, Wouldn't hurt to read it I sopose"

The letter as you proably guessed was adressed to Kimberly it reads as follows:

To:Kimberly, the former Pink Ranger
From :AdaRem
(who on earth is AdaRem? never heard that name before.....And how does He  or she know I was...)

Kimberly, you do not know me (no kidding) as you proably guessed. I am writing to tell you
of the dire circumstances that have befallen Angel Grove. It has since been renamed devils
Grove by the C.O.E.M. I have verly little time to write. We need your precesnts it is urgent
 the worlds fate depends on it! (no Presure)  Enclosed is a plane ticket (Hmmm... first class)
I look forward to your presents.

Kimberly puts the letter down rather confused
"how on earth does he/she know I am..was a Power Rangerr?...Could it be one of Zordons inter
dementional buddies?...and what is this C.O.E.M.?... my I have alot of questions!

It begins to pour outside.....

Kimberly relizes she is getting wet and rushes over to close the window.
"thats better"
"my coaches problem came at ...a good time I sopose..."
"I wonder whats else is in the box?
She empties out the box
"I hate styrophome peanuts... at least they are the recyclable kind......"
upon the floor lies her old power morpher "minus the power coin of course"
(from what I remeber these were destroyed by Goldar.. at least thats what Tommy told me)
Among the peanuts also was her old comunicator as well as a box of golden dust"
Whats this? dust...great...
"whats this?"
she picks up a envelope in it is a Coach plane ticket (oh and a note)
the note reads as follows:

"sorry, funds were a little low ...shipping charges...exspensive (of course)

The ticket seems to be dated tomorrow..convienient
"Iguess I will be taking a trip tomorrow, be good to see the gang again(if they rember me)
Kimberly begins packing for her trip remembering to pack the morpher and the dust 
She picks up the comunicator
"I  wonder what has happend?... I gave this to Kat.. gave her the morpher.. and my powers too (not to
forget Tommy as well) I better get a good nights sleep tonight..."
She prepares for bed.. hoping for pleasent dreams....

....She is wrong

Tommmy :"Kimberly run!........."
Tommys' voice shows a hint of panic
Tommy : "we've failed, they have won..."
Kim: "I can't move"
several strange images float past, including......what is that....
strange voice : "...and now you Pink Ranger....die!"
Kim "Nooooooooo!....."

Kim wakes up with a start!

what was that about?

Kim looks at the clock 3:15
"at this rate I will never get any sleep"
after some time she falls asleep once again
not peacefully either.....

Rangers you are weak!

Adam " we'll never give up!,,,ahhhhhhhhhh!"
Tanya " Adam NOOOO!.......
Kim " whats going on! Adam noo!"
 Kim turns to see some of her closest friends die in a horrible exploston
Bulk and skull are running from a hideos monster 
Bulk and Skull "Help us rangers! please"
Kim "leave them alone!"
the monster is about to catch Bulk when....
"now Kimberly its time...."
two hands grab Kim by the shoulders and shake her violently 
its time Kim....
its time Kim.....

"Wake up Kim or you'll miss your flight!"

Kim wakes to see her mother by her bed,
"looks like you were having a bad dream there!"
Kim : "yah ! it was a bad one!"
Kims Mom : "what was it about?"
Kim "stuff.....Oh my I'm late!"
Kim looks at the clock 8:30! "my Plane leaves at 9:30! yikes!"
Kim hurries and get ready in record time you could say she was moving with 
turbo power!
after getting ready in record time (with some help from her mother
Kim starts out the door
"KIM! you forgot your watch thingy!"
her mother holds up her newly reaquired communicator!
Kim's mom "Never understand why you wear that is so well ugly!"
Kim "it was a gift (its true) from Billy, I love you mom Ba-bye!"
Kim hugs her mom and runs out to her car (purple) 
Kim : "now what was it that Tommy said?  Shift into turbo time I think?"

As Kimberly speeds away a pair of eyes stare from out of the darkness  "all is going acording to plan....Zeon will be pleased.."

Kimberly brakes a few speed laws making it to the airport but she gets there just in time

"Ok terminal 47 hmmmm where.....ahhh over there"

Kimberly looks around at the terminal and relizes this place hasn't been used in a long long time,(this place should be condemmed!)

she keeps this thought to herself.

Kim Sat down in the only seat in the terminal (gosh this place is older then Zordon!) She waited patiently listening to the modified walkman that Billy made for her so long ago. 
(Billy I wonder what he is up to right now? it will be great to see my friends again, I wonder what those drea-- no nightmares were about)

She continues to wait and wait and wait........
After about a hour and a half she heard a sound that reminded her of Tommy's old DragonZord, of course it couldn't be but it did...
To her horror she relized that her plane was here! and it was making that awfull noise!

The Plane looked (and sounded like it was somthing out of world war 2!
after landing (if you can call that cloud of dust landing)
At this point Kim was wishing she spent more time listening to her uncle Steve!

Ater most of the dust had cleared (most) The plane was safely (beat) on the ground, and out came the pilot who didn't look much better then the sorry excuse of a plane!
the pilot was a short man ,he looked like he was in his 70's his clothes looked like he was in a climatic battle (and lost)
old man "Sorry I'm late The WonderBoat had some engine troubles!"
Kim (a little worried) "Gulp ,Engine troubles?"
Old man "Yah! couldn't find the darn thing!:)"
Kim "(oh great) c-c-ouldn't find it?
Old man "So you must be Mrs. Heart right?"
Kim "Uh huh, and you are?"
Old Man " I am fernando felderio oglordon dingsnork"
Kim " Thats your name?"
Fernando "no"
Kim (dumbfounded) "???????"
Fernando "just fooling with ya!
he slaps her on the back
Fernado "its really lipsmackker guitralio inglehopper!"
Kim "your kidding right?"
Lipsmacker " it use to be ,but I changed it to Kichi tzen"
Kim "O---Okay"
he shakes the confused Kim's hand vigourously
kichi "wEll I'm a rogue pilot for hire nice to meet ya miss heart!"
Kim "call me Kim okay?"
Kichi "sure Kim okay"
Kim " just Kim"
KIchi "just Kim, thats kinda odd could I just call you Kim?"
Kim "(sigh, this is going to be along trip) Sure thats fine."
Kichi "now you want me to call you thats fine?, you are cute, but isn't that kinda concieted?"
Kim "sigh, call me Kim!"
Kichi " I was going to anyway!"
Kim " (about to scream) so who sent you to pick me up?"
Kichi "some wierd guy named uhh Ada Plegm or somthing like that paid me alot of money to fly out here and pick you up and bring yah to Devil's grove"
Kim (confused) "Don't you mean Angel Groove?"
Kichi " naaa its Devil's Grove...,why you'd want to go there I don't know"
Kim (humouring) "why is it Devils grove now"
Kichi " If I told you ,you wouldn't want to go besides you should ask Ada Flegm..about it when you get there"
Kim " I think its Ada Rem..."
Kichi "Ada dem ada gem whatever.... we better get going!
He gestures to the plane
Kim " you sure this thing can still fly?"
Kichi "Yahhh... its been flying for the last 10 years!"
Kim "How long have you had it?
Kichi "12"
Kim "great"

				End Part 1