Part 2

Location the basment of what was once Ernies juice bar in what was fromerly known as Angel Grove

Is she going to come?

Ada Rem paces back and forth worilly
Do you think she got the package?
 Sigh, I'm sure she has ...
The robot known as L.B-1 sighs for the third time in as many hours
What if she doesn't come? 
Ada Rem asks for the third ttime in as many hours
She will ,
L.B-1 answers in a anoyyed tone
But what if she doesn't?.. all will be lost ....I can't fail this time..not again...
EVen more anoyed
LB-1 : I'm not listening to this again! Turning off audio sensors!
Ada Rem: We failed trying to find Trini, Aisha, justin or even Zach! of course I heard somwhere
that Zach was off in space somwherre, but we never did confirm that.
Ada Rem punches a very solid wall wich remains quite solid 
LB-1 : Serves you right! that wall didn't do anytihing to you!
Ada Rem :(rubbing fist) your proably right,,, but if we fail at finding Kimberly as well then well we will have no hope! ...I wish Zordon was still here ...I can't do this on my own.....
LB-1 : I am still not listening, But if she got the message she will be here, Zordon choose.....
A large shock shakes the hidden base....
Ada Rem : Did you hear that?
LB-1 :( Flippping a switch )  No audio sensors off but I sure felt it!
Ada-Rem : Do you think it was more of Zeon's death hunters searching for us?
LB-1 : (pulling out a scanning device) Hmmm nothing in section Alpah or Beta or .. no wait
(smacks scanner) that can't be right?
Ada Rem  : What can't be right?
LB-1 : (shaking head) well... it apears to be a ancient earth plane in section beta?
Ada Rem : Jumps up and down ,banging his head on the low cieling
Ada Rem :ITS HER!
LB-1 : Use caution Sir it could be one of Zeons clever traps .. after all he's....
Ada Rem (oviously not listening) " its her I'm sure it has to be! our prayers have been
Ada Rem starts running towards the door
LB-1 : (amused) Didn't you just say she wasn't comming?
Ada Rem (pausing) well, Even the greatest minds can be wrong from time to time!
LB-1 : Just be carfull!
Ada-Rem (barely paying attention) Yeah sure , finally the plan is starting to work out after all!

As Ada Rem runs out the door to greet Angel Groves last hope, he really wishes he listened to LB-1's 
advice, but then this isn't the first time this has happend to him

Ada Rem finds himself souronded by Zeon's elite guards
Ada Rem : I don't sopose you guys are here for the Magic tournament?"
(notice the tint of worry and sarcasm in his voice)
Elite 1 : "Resistance will only cause you more pain human surrender now and it won't be 'as' painful"
Ada Rem (moving into a defensive position) "I'm use to pain ,lets see what you tin heads got!"
10 more guards come out of the shadows
Elite 2 "Can't you see you have lost! give it up! human!"
Ada Rem (hand going behind his back) "Guess I have no choice..."
Ada Rem pulls his tech crystal from his pocket and prepares for the battle
Elite 1 (laughing) "Ah he shows his true colours! I will enjoy torturing this one.."
Ada Rem : (shakilly) "its been awile but...Its Morphin time! Tech------
Ada Rem's shout goes dim as he feels a sharp pain in the back of his head
Ada Rem falls to the ground the last thing he hears is the menacing voice of GoldarX laughing
at him
GoldarX picks Ada Rem's Crystal morpher up and kicks the fallen ranger
Ada Rem see's Goldar put the crystall around his neck
Ada Rem : (blood dripping from mouth) didn't know you liked playing dress up GoldarX?
GoldarX kicks Ada Rem in the stomache
GoldarX : "Foolish human soon you will learn respect when you join the dark one!"
Ada Rem (barely able to remain consious) "Goldar.... you know this is wrong.....When Zeon is done
with you .....he'll do the same he did to you,, your smartere then that...join our fight....
GoldarX "fool! Zeon has granted me Power! more then That has been Lord Zedd! ever could! nad
Rito? he was a fool!
Ada Rem " your the fool goldar! open your eyes!
GoldarX "They are open for the first time I have the power I deserve! Zeon returned Cyclopsis to me
and made me his right hand monster! what you spout is lies human ! you are a ranger you fight for the 
weak! among the winners there is no room for the weak... you know that!
Ada-Rem "Fine....your mind is made up... end it now.....I will see you in Hell!"
GoldarX :Huh! we will see!"
goldarX hits Ada Rem in the head again with the pommel of his sword
Ada Rem : "Kimberly...please come....I have failed... you are our last hope..."
Ada Rem fades into darkness
GoldarX : And now to bring my prize to Lord Zeon! you ! no123 take this fool to the holding cells
tomorw we shall present the final ranger to Zeon and I will be rewarded with more Power Hahahahaha!
and one more thing...Destroy this place! it will be an example to the rest of the feeble ressistance!
Elite 2 "as you command Lord GoldarX!"
All guards "ALL HAIL ZEON!"

end part 2