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I added this page to help end the comfusion over different 
sets of Power Rangers cards. If you have any imformation 
thats not below feel free to let me know!

Series 1

Series 1 cards were released in 1994 and had 72 cards in the set what makes it confusing is in each pack you got a foil bordered card so to complete the set you needed to get all the regualr cards and the foil set (hard to do) you would most likely complete the basic set In one box (somtimes two sets) but it takes 4 or 5 boxes to complete the foil set. also each pack contained a P.O.G. there was 10 pogs in all 5 were pictures of the power coins and the other 5 were of the power morphers. there was no chase cards in this set. The cards were packaged 8 cards per pack 36 packs per box(box is purple) and they are no longer available


Series 1 card 53 series 1 foil card 53 series 1 Box series 1 8 card pack(with pog)

Series 2

Series 2 was again 72 cards and was a continuation of series 1 Hence the cards start at #73. As with series 1 there is also a foil set to complete (fun stuff) also this set has 12 magic morpher cards which are packaged 2 per box. You can complete a full set of the base cards in one box (somtimes 2 sets) but it will take 3 to 4 boxes to complete the foil cards set. The magic morpher cards you would most likely need a entire case to get all 12 (I only have 2!). 8 cards per pack 36 packs per box these are no longer available It was also released in 1994.

series 2 card 83 series 2 foil card 83 magic morpher card 7 Series 2 Box (hobby) Series 2 pack (hobby) Also series 2 was release twice the second release was the same cards with red borders. The foil set also had different borders as well! To my knowledge there was no chase cards in this version of the set.To tell the difference between sets the boxes are different colours and the first set is labeled hobby and the red bordered set is labeled retail. The red bordered set was also more abundant to find ,so the yellow bordered are sought after by collectors. These were also released in 1994 and are also no longer available Series 2 (red)card 106 series 2 (red) foil card 106

The New Season

The third card set was entitled Power Rangers: The New Season This set was again 72 cards (starting from 1) and had Yet another foil set to collect (see series 1&2) This was one of my favorate sets. The first release of this set had no borders and was printed on better card stock then the first 2 sets. This set Had 7 chase cards which were plastic cover cards. These were released in 1994 as well. this set was packaged 8 cards per pack with 1 foil card and 1 bonus card of the 3 new rangers (Adam,Aisha and Rocky) You could complete a set in a box (somtimes 2) you will also have 4 million bonus cards since there is only 3 different ones. The foil cards will take from 3 to 4 boxes to complete and the plastic chase cards will take 3 to 4 boxes as well. This set is no longer available. New season card 12 New season foil card 12 Plastic card #7 The new season also had a second release. The second release had large green borders and did not look as good as the first release this sets foil borders were almost identicle to the red bordered release of series 2 hence alot of confusion. This has not been confirmed but 9 cards in the set did not have foil counterparts cards 37-45. (if you have any information please let me know) also this set had a new set of chase cards entitled the white ranger series there were 8 of these (only missing 1) This set also had the bonus cards of Aisha, Adam and Rocky. this version was also labeled retail and was packaged in a red box witht the white ranger on the cover (the first release was in a blue box labeled hobby) this set is once again no longer available. New season (green) card 66 New season (green) foil card 66 White ranger card #6 Series 3 box (retail) series 3 pack (retail)

Power Rangers :The Movie

This is one of (if not the) best Power Ranger sets yet. This set was released in 1995 by Fleer. The set is 150 cards (no foils!) The cards are printed on very good card stock (even better then the new season) and are of excellent quality The set has 3 types of chase cards the first the power pop up cards are packed 1 per pack and there is 24 different ones (fun to play with when your bored Ivan Ooze:I'll get you rangers! Kim: go away) but anyway, the second chase cards are holofoil cards which there is 12 different ones the third and final chase cards are the 8 NinjaZord Holo foil cards These ones look really kewl!. the silver foil cards are packed 1 per 8 packs and the NinjaZord cards are packed 2 per box. This was one set I was proud to complete after buying a case!) you will most likly complete the basic set in 2 boxes (somtimes 3) the pop ups you almost always get a full set in a box. I have completed the silver foil set in 1 box before, but that was luck so it will most likely take 2 boxes and the NinjaZord cards will take from 4 to 5 boxes to complete. The set was packed 8 cards per pack plus a Power Pop up card,it is possible to get all 3 chase cards in one pack (happened to me once in a case). If you only want to complete 1 set this is the best one to collect. This set is no longer available
P.R. the movie card 106 P.R. the movie holofoil 5
(p.s. this is my favorate kim card!)
P.R. the movie power pop up 10 P.R. the movie: limited card 4

Power Rangers the movie (box)


The cardZillion cards were released by Bandai and were exclusive to Toy's R Us. they were sold out of a funky machine that is normally located by the exit of the store (good marketing ploy by the way) The cards could be purchased for 25 cents a piece and the set was 42 cards with some cards being special hologram cards. This set is one of the more difficult ones to complete since they were only released in Toy's R Us. The cards also could be used to play a simple card game (nebver tried it though). the cards also had interesting text and storie lines on the back, one of my personal favorate card sets to collect. These are nolonger available though You may still be able to find them in a differnt Cardzillion Machine (like masked rider or sailor moon) I personally am still missing 2 cards from the set (1& 2) so if (smile smile) any nice serfers out there have them (smile smile) you know what to do.

CardZillion Series 2

Cardzillion series 2 continued with #43 and was again a 42 card set. The set also had some foil cards and was based on the ninja (third season) of power rangers This set is nolonger available but as with series 1 you might still be able to find it in odd Cardzillion machines)

CardZillion series 3

Series 3 was the first set of Zeo, and to my knowledge was the only set other then series 4 to have anything to do with Zeo (if you can correct me let me know) the set was again 42 cards with randomly packed foil cards. This set is nolonger being shipped but is still relativly easy to find.

Cardzilliion series 4

Series 4 continues the Zeo set at card #43, and again is 42 cards with some foil cards as well. this set is no longer being shipped but is still very easy to find at most toys R Us

Cardzillion series 5

Series 5 is the first cardzillion series based on turbo and has yet to be released. it is scheduled to be released this summer and is not yet available

Power Rangers Turbo

This card set is a Kmart exclusive set and is a 60 card set with 50 standard cards and 10 foil chase cards (randomly packed). This set I am a little disapointed with. Most of the cards are pictures (drawn) of the rangers ,most of the cards are very similar ,there is about 5 or 6 cards of each ranger in a different pose ,also the set contains some pictures from the movie but sadly none of everyones favorate ex-Pink ranger, Kimberly plus no mention of Jason either. The cards are packaged 8 cards to a pack and retail for about 1.15 a pack :this set is currently still available only at K-mart

CardZillion Power Ranger All Star cards

This is one of the hardest Card sets to find/complete (special thanks to Cheryl Roberts for sending me some)From my sources (Rygog) this set was randomly sent to a select few toy's R us's and thus was extremly hard to find any of at all! It was again 42 cards and had 7 or so cards dedicated to each ranger. It was a very well done card set and if anyone can help me complete my set it would be apreciated (plus you get your name immortalized on my page) as a neat bonus) This set is nolonger (sniff sniff) available

Power Rangers Sticker Albums

Well not quite cards these are kewl enough for me to put on my page!

Power Rangers: series 2

In 1995 Merlin Collections released the Second Power rnagers sticker album which contained 196 stickers relating to the 2nd/third season of power rangers, this was a nicly done sticker album, the stickers were origonally released in packets of 6, ,but were later released in larger packets which contained 5 of the smaller packets. These retailed for roughly 35 cents per small packet and 1.99 for the larger ones The Sticker album itself came with one of the larger packets, in fact at the time I couldn't find any stickers at all so I purchased 6 or so of the albums just so I could have some of the stickers! I still need a large number of stickers for mine (have doubles to trade) and any help would be apreciated. This set is nolonger available. Power Rangers :The movie

again in 1995 Merlin Productions released a Sticker album for The first power rangers movie. this set had 190 stikcers. The stickers were again packaged in packets of 6 (no larger packets to my knowledge). The albums also contained no stickers. Though at some stores you could get a combo pack of 1 album and a box of stickers The box of stickers contained 50 of the stnadard packs ,which adds up to alot of stickers! ,I have multiples of extra's if anyone out there in card land needs some. This set is nolonger available Power Rangers the movie sticker box Power rangers the movie Pack

Special Power Ranger Cards

Released with some of the pr audio story tapes were special cards with the actors signatures they were packaged as foloows 1.on fins and needles: Tommy (green ranger) Trini and Jason Plus a pic of the rangers together in the command center) 2.Island of (somthing something): Kimberly and three other cards 3.The White album : 4 card white ranger puzzle On fins and needles + the rockumentary tapes were recently released exclusivly at Kay-bee toys for 1.00 each, the others are currently no longer available Also exclusive to K-mart were Power ranger super packs #1 and #2 these packs each contain the same cards 1-12 and 1-24 and are really poor cards since they are all reprints of cards from series 1-2 but the packs do each come with 5 pogs that I have not seen else- where as well as each of the two preset packs has a foil card called a blaster card of either the sho gun megazord or the white tiger zord these are also still available in large quantitiies also I have obtained a blue bordered double sided card (will scan in at some point) from a friend, he said he got it from a box of some form of snack food , if anyone can give me anymore info on these it would be apreciated. If anyone has any information that I havn't already posted (or you just want to trade cards) i can be contacted at or if you have icq at 907401