Paladin's Card Confusion Part 2

I've been doing alot of card shopping the past couple of months and found numerous card sets I have not even heard of! The majority of these sets are varients on others but a few new ones have been found

Series 2 Light Blue

This set is the same as series 2 yellow border and series 2 red bordered with a few exceptions 1. different border colour (duh!) 2. The lack of a foil set to collect 3. each pack came with a Pog insert (1-50) 4. they were packaged in the same box as the pink/green series 5 there was a sticker on the box covering up the pack asortment 6.they were packaged 20 packs per box with 5 cards +1 pog per pack 7. they were origonally a walmart exclusive at Kaybee toys stores 8.They were later found at Kaybee toys on discount for 5.99(box)

Pink/Green Series 1

Your proably saying to yourself great another different border colour set great...well this set is actually a little diferent It contains alot of cards from the other series one set but it has about 20 cards that are completly differnt. I have never found these cards in the stores. they were donated to me from Pinky (thanks!) from what she told me each pack contained around 6 cards and one embossed card there were 10 of these (I'm missing the tyranosoarus card) Series 1 Pink and green series 1 embossed card

7up cards

These cards were available in boxes of 7up (soda) not sure how many there were (another donation from pinky)


The only thing I know about this card is it was gotten from some food thing it was donated from Gerald (thanks)

Jello cards

These cards were found (surprise surprise) in boxes of Jello

Series 2 Dark Blue answer cards

This is yet another incarnation of the second series cards, but to make it more confusing these have slightly darker blue borders then the light blue set and the backs of the cards are differnt AND they start at number 1 (as apossed to 73) I have never found these in the stores the cards were donated to me by many people including Pinky, Pink Ranger and R2D2. These were packaged 12 per pack with a nifty little decoder thing (that info was given to me by Lightning Cruiser) The backs of these cards have a nifty little question and answer thing (see photo) They are no longer available Series 2 dark bordered (front) (back)

Series 3 :Rainbow border

This is series 3 with different coloured borders. This set contains no foils set (darn) and has a rainbow border each pack contained a chase card (there were ten) these were the same as the plastic cards from series 2 yellow border except that they had backgrounds and were on regular card stock. series 3 Rainbow chase card 1